MADH Technologies LLC plans to introduce a lightning fast OTC trade desk for cryptocurrency trading

Trading in cryptocurrencies will become easy in the UAE (Dubai) now as MADH Technologies LLC plans to pioneer the OTC trade desk where people can easily buy or sell cryptocurrency over the counter. High net-worth individuals, institutions, and business magnates can take advantage of this facility and trade in digital currency at a single location.

The benefit is that you get guaranteed settlement of large volumes of digital assets trading in one business day. This OTC Trade desk facility is open to all residents of the UAE. All you have to do is to give your EMERAITS ID copy, OR GCC passport copy and you become eligible to purchase or sell BTC and other crypto currency or crypto assets.

Trading over the counter minimizes counterparty risk and prevents slippage or price fluctuations when trading on marketplace exchanges. Such exchanges function in places like the US and Canada. MADH Technologies LLC brings this OTC trade desk facility for the first time to the UNITED ARAB Emirates and soon it will be available in the whole GCC as being the strategic partners with Bityaris.

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