Meet The Man Who Is Trying To Change The Way Consumers Find Good Lawyers

The bigger law firms have earned a bad rap in recent years.

Research shows that small law firms have little chance of competing against the law giants who can easily buy bulk advertising and exposure leaving consumers with limited legal options.

Bert Seale researched and discovered that trends show that big law firms get bigger whereas the small firms are unable to compete and provide benefits to consumers. Hitting the streets, asking consumers to name firms. Only the big names were mentioned. “I asked local consumers if they ever heard of Avvo and Find Law online law directories and the answer was a resounding NO", he said. Most answered that they were intimidated by lawyers and didn’t know where to begin.

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Seale brought these complaints to the giant law firms and suggested his idea would change the why consumers find lawyers and might improve consumers experience and reduce the feeling of intimidation or fear of lawyers, they expressed no interest in changing their tactics.

Seale says he went back to several large law firms outlining how easy it would be for a consumer to find the right lawyer when in need. “I want to launch a non-referral gateway; “I want to give the small law firm hope again,” he says. “We won’t charge for referrals, I am making it simple for the consumer and the lawyer. We created a unique platform selecting only seven preferred lawyers per city, per law category and each lawyer can own his custom URL and be featured on the Inkozi Android and IOS App for only $25.00 per month, and populate on the 1st page of Google not bad Seale said.

They looked at me and told me that it was probably the stupidest idea they’ve ever heard,” he adds.


Seale decided to go to work and found the best web and app developers and launched Inkozi, founded on the principals of a straight forward pricing model that caters not only to attorneys, but small business owners too creating a unique way to help organizations and consumers. Businesses that have joined the platform are not required to sign long-term contracts instead a simple pay-as-you-go method is offered.

Inkozi is the world’s first location based no-referral legal app that is completely free to consumers. The on-demand location-based service immediately puts consumers in contact with local preferred lawyers. The web and mobile apps aim to solve the challenge of finding the right lawyer fast, especially in emotionally charged situations where simplicity is not only wanted, but needed.

Inkozi only selects up to 7 lawyers per city per law category. Professionals that are approved are listed and matched based on our algorithm. Attorneys and business owners keep one hundred percent of revenue gained from customers. Professionals who are vetted and approved are only required to pay a hosting fee of $25.00 per month. Featured lawyers reap benefits of great accessibility and prospective client exposure, in turn boosting their revenue and experience.

Seale’s vision is definitely giving hope to small firms, and InKozi’s pricing model is different from other law services providers, Seale says he found that “different” is what many consumers have been waiting for.

“Seale knows his stuff, he is very knowledgeable – when you talk to him you can see the passion he has for his business and for the people he is helping”, says Oleysa Jayme Director of Operations for the Orlando Headquarters.


INKOZI is location based non-referral legal gateway app with a smart algorithm that’s designed as a top down funnel solution. It is an on-demand service that puts the consumer in direct contact with a qualified local lawyer specializing in that specific area of legal practice.

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