Microsoft To Incorporate Azure Stack With Azure Government In 2018

Microsoft has come up with a new idea to introduce the availability of Azure Stack, a truly interoperable hybrid cloud to lure in more US government customers, with Azure government this year. Government Tech Summit has announced the general accessibility of Microsoft 365 along with Azure Stack for Azure government along with many other features and updates.

Azure Stack will enable government affiliated agencies and organizations to consume and deliver cloud services from any location. It will be able to provide better security, stronger performance and reliability. It is more adept to protect sensitive data and classified informations as well as meet the various needs and conditions of the US government.

Microsoft has even announced will be making Azure Stack available to government users sometime “soon”. Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are in stiff competition for public sector customers which had a good head start and had went ahead to sign a deal of 600 million dollars to work with the Central Intelligence Agency. According to the chief information officer of CIA, John Edwards, described this act as the “best decision ever made” because it makes the agency more work efficient and cost effective.

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Microsoft is really getting more popular than Amazon Web Services (AWS). Azure Stack has the capability to become the most powerful tool for datacenter administrators and level up their operations. It will help Microsoft to stay ahead of AWS and strengthen its foothold while offering more scalability in the cloud and increase revenue in the cloud business. Though it may not be possible for Microsoft to overthrow AWS immediately, but Azure Stack will surely pave the way for Amazon Web Service’s downfall.

When it comes to security of on-premise datas and information’s, Azure Stack will prove to be much more convenient and useful than AWS.

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