MOI launches the Innovation and Future Exploring Conference 2019 in Abu Dhabi

tion and Future Exploring Conference 2019 in Abu Dhabi


Dubai, Feb 13, 2019 ( – The Ministry of Interior’s Innovation and Future Foresight Conference was held on 5th-6th February. Day 1 of the Conference was a great success as speakers delivered world-class presentations on various crime and technology related topics. Day 2 featured some of the finest and brightest brains in the technology and crime prevention industries from around the world. Keynote speakers from Austria and France addressed global concerns in criminal investigation and foresight modelling for future policing.

Speakers from Finland, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Switzerland discussed topics related to artificial intelligence, crime, robotics, digital technological advancement and analytics. The speakers are drawn from a global pool of refined industry leaders, strategists, academicians, technology experts and security analysts. Using country-specific case studies, they addressed in great detail the crime issues confronting technology and how to combat these problems using emerging technology.

Two workshop round tables comprising speakers from France and Switzerland highlighted the important details concerning big data, open data and future application in governance & policing and the future of virtual autopsy in crime scene brought the conference to an end.

The conference was an excellent opportunity for The UAE’s law enforcement, government, security, and regulatory agencies, to connect with international thought leaders and experts at the conference and learn about groundbreaking initiatives.

The Conference was vital for growing and established technology-based companies looking to gain ample knowledge on how to handle emerging cybercrimes and other crime-related issued. It allowed technology-based companies and multinationals to learn new tricks, gain perspective on industry emerging trends and stay up to date with new crime issues affecting the global economies around the world.

Some of the “who is who” in the technology industries attended the conference to Learn about shortcomings in software tools. They discovered new software capabilities, experimented with new equipment, and learnt how others have solved similar problems.

This year’s conference specifically highlighted the many ways that digital disruption can be used by the government to forecast and plan future events. Seasoned technology experts gave presentations and displayed their ongoing progress in matters of artificial intelligence, robotics, advanced analytics, and other indices of advanced future technology. Likewise, security experts also reviewed the latest emerging technology in Policing, Patrol, intelligence, predictive crime analytics, investigation, and ICT to ensure anticipated threats are well managed and contained.

Particular focus was given to the use of the latest disruptive technologies and innovations to help secure sea-ports and airports while supporting business growth and facilitating the efficient movement of good and people across international borders.

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About the UAE Ministry of Interior

The Federal Ministry of Interior was created right after the creation of the Federation of the United Arab Emirates on the second of December 1971. It was born out of the recognition that security was a function best handled by a federal authority.

The ministry handles a large portfolio but mainly, it’s saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the citizens of the UAE. It is also responsible for managing and organizing the police forces and other security apparatus, carrying out naturalization and residency affairs, organizing traffic on the local and internal road, and safeguarding properties and premises.

MOI focuses primarily on the security of citizens and expatriates living in the emirates. It has adopted a new and methodological approach for enhancing its assets to anticipate and cope with the challenges of a rapidly evolving environment. The Ministry strives to strike a balance between detection and prevention of crime and encourages cooperation amongst all the stakeholder in responding to the security challenges in a modern world.

About MOI Innovation and Future Foresight Conference

The Innovation and Future Foresight Conference 2019 is a global technology event held under the patronage of His Highness Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior of the UAE to encourage MOI agencies to embrace innovation as a tool to better handle the challenges of the future.

This annual event is the fallout of the ‘UAE Strategy for the Future’ initiated by the President in 2016. The aim of the strategy is to place the UAE among the most innovative nations in the world to guarantee a future of prosperity and wellbeing for all Emiratis.

The 2-day event will feature scores of international and local speakers, futurists, technology developers, key government officials, police experts and thought leaders. The event will offer security technology innovators a platform to showcase their most recent works and share ideas with contemporaries.

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