Most Creative Digital Campaign of “New Year 2019”

Hyderabad, India: A very creative and innovative technology-based digital and social media campaign titled “Good Bye 2018 and Happy New Year 2019” launched by an Indian based digital marketing agency – ABCDigital Marketing Agency. This campaign allows users to say goodbye to 2018 and can see 2018 passing by virtually on their mobile devices and users can welcome 2019 virtually by tilting their mobile devices up and down.

How they came up with the idea? “We were breaking our heads trying to launch our company with a creative idea that can go viral,” said Maisam Moosvi, Founder & CEO of ABCDigital Marketing Agency. He continued saying “then we thought new year could be a great event to capitalize on and we were very clear from the beginning that the idea has to be interactive, engaging and should spread smiles around.”

How does it work? A social media post or a news article takes the user to their website page where users are told to tilt their mobile devices to say goodbye 2018 and welcome 2019. Users can virtually see 2018 going and 2019 coming because of their action, which in turn brings smile and joy for them and make them share the same thing with others.

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People’s Emotions: “User feels like they have control over time by tilting their devices, they can send 2018 and bring 2019. This power of control is something which is driving people crazy around the world.”

User Experience: One of the users said, “I got goosebumps when I tilted my device, I felt like I am the one who is sending the year 2018 away and bringing the year 2019. This is crazy, technology can go to any extent and more importantly its fun to do so.”

ABCDigital Marketing Agency, is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency focused to deliver measurable, cost-effective results for business ROI’s. ABCDMA’s actions are backed by market intelligence based on market reports & surveys which makes them special and stand out from the rest of the market.

Press Release by Media Department ABCDigital Agency.

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