MultitechIT Storms Into Gold Coast’s Digital Marketing Domain

Australia is going to witness the innovative spell of technology penetration in 2018. IDC has projected the era of digital transformation is likely to overtake, at least, 60 percent of Australia’s GDP by 2021. It implies that its market is going to be pushed by the digitally enhanced offerings, operations, and relationship.

The analytical projections of IDC reported that 50 percent digital transformation will experience the insertion of the artificial intelligence services by 2019. This figure will go up by 2021, i.e. 85 percent since the commercial enterprises will use AI-powered apps for digital marketing. The customer support bots will speak up the way the Google Duplex interacts and their interaction will be over 65% with the customers.

Multitech IT is putting its efforts and intelligence to prove the aforementioned estimations right. Instinctively, it stormed into the digital marketing domain. For an instant visibility and exposure, its digital marketing experts participated in the Small Business Expo, 2018 in Gold Coast. It was a mega event held on 7th September 2018. The leading IT solution provider interacted with lots of like-minded entrepreneurs. This mega-event gave it an instant visibility among the corporate community of Australia.

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The IT firm has on-boarded adept the digital marketing, Web design, and development experience holders. Together with all, its team works on providing diverse business does the simplest way to enhance their visibility in the market.

The CEO of Multitech IT said, “We know the future is of techies. The technology is going to change the way we do, the way we think, the way we sense. Even, 60% of new industrial robots will leverage AI according to the IDC report.”

“We’re thrust into the tech-specific marketing domain. It’s future. We can’t fold our eyelids to ignore this fact. We have a long way to go. The technology is indeed going to conquer the whole market. But if you think the typical marketing methods can gain you a leading position, it’s not possible. You have to think about the digital transformation seriously.”

He further added, “We don’t want to stay behind. We want that the Australian market will grow, as the market in the USA blooms. It’s possible if we transform the pan marketing and its methods. The next generation is going to be smarter than ever. It will definitely look for smarter shopping solutions. And without transformation, it’s a way long journey. So, we’re working on it and upbringing some smart tech solutions for the marketing world.”

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