Mundus can ensure your food safety up to 99%

Mundus by Yan Wei Technology (Shanghai) Pte Ltd is established by Dr Yan Jian in 2017. Mundus designs and manufactures food purifiers, with the goal of improving food safety and promoting healthy eating in the world.

Dr Yan Jian completed his PhD studies at the School of Life Sciences and Technology of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which is ranked 62nd university in the world. During his studies, he developed the world’s first protein purification by Free-Flow-Electrophoresis. After graduation, he joined Shanghai Jiao Tong University Micronano Research Institute and specialized in nanomaterial processing.

Why is food safety important? Global agrochemical market is driven by the rise in demand for food grains and expected to reach USD 250.5 billion by 2020. Extensive use of agrochemicals can affect the health of the consumer and environment negatively. For instance, long-term intake of agrochemical will be accumulated in our body which affects human reproduction, development, and can cause damage to liver and kidneys. Hence, safe steps in food handling such as food purification are essential to prevent foodborne illness.

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To address the rising concerns of agrochemicals in consumer food, Dr Yan Jian and his research team from Shanghai Jiao Tong University spent over 3 years to develop their very own food purifying technology – the Active Water Combustion Radical Technology. Since then, the technology was introduced and awarded the 2nd place in Zhejiang’s Entrepreneurship (奇思妙想浙江行) Competition in 2017.

How does Active Water Combustion Radical Technology work? The technology takes advantage of the highly reactive nature of hydroxyl radicals (OH-). The process utilizes water, advanced nanomaterials, and Mundus processing technology under ultra-low voltage to generate a large number of high-energy radicals. These highly reactive radicals produced can effectively eradicate harmful substances (up to 99%) such as agrochemicals, germs, and bacteria found in food items, ensuring food safety for consumers.

What makes it different from other food processing technology such as Ozone and Ultrasonic cleaning? Active Water Combustion Radical Technology is safe and environmentally friendly, having no known side-effect to consumers or the environment. All residues from the cleaning process are completely biodegradable (such as organic phosphorus). In contrast, Ozone cleaning may potentially cause adverse effects to consumers’ health such as respiratory irritation, and Ultrasonic cleaning is highly not recommended for pregnant women. Active Water Combustion Radical Technology is superior in terms of safety and all Mundus products are guaranteed for their quality and safety by the SGS Group.

Mundus’ product line serves both individual consumers and businesses. Mundus latest product (Mundus Genie) is small, lightweight and easy to use, suitable for daily use at home. Mundus also offers large-scale food purifier sink for restaurants and school kitchens, with the aim to bring a higher standard of food safety to as many people as possible.

At Mundus – “We aim to protect society from harmful agrochemicals, germs, and bacteria present in food, bringing better food safety standards across countries and the region.”

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