My Bpo Business Announces Agreement to Sell Outsourcing Division for Rs.23 Lacs

My Bpo Business, an outsourcing company focussed on providing business opportunities across various sectors like BPO, F&B, spa & salon, cosmetics & beauty, manufacturing and product industries etc. today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to sell the outsourcing division to Mr. Avinash Kapoor, an angel investor in shares and forex for Rs.23 Lacs in cash.

Upon completion of the transaction, My Bpo Business will not continue to own the business. My Bpo Business is the juggernaut BPO consultant company that has been showing no signs of slowing down or stopping altogether from becoming the most proficient company in the world. Over the past 7 years, the company has literally surpassed every single competition it encountered, and thus it won the right to call itself the largest BPO consultant company in India.

Having its main office in Delhi, India, My Bpo Business has a very strong connection with the majority of companies that have started there. Out of the most popular companies that My Bpo Business has coached in the past,

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My Bpo Business is known for the fact that they Outsource International and Domestic Call Centers Voice Calling and Non-Voice/Backend Projects. This means that if you’re a company and you wish to create a brand new sector in a foreign country, but you have no knowledge of the place, nor any information about any business opportunities that may lie in there, then you can just rely on My Bpo Business Facebook to do what they do best, and you’ll be making a profit in no time. Another instance in which you might find yourself in is if you’re starting to lose influence over a certain region and you need to make some radical changes in your company in order to make sure that you’ll stay afloat. Instead of trying the old fashioned 50/50 chance, it is a lot safer and wiser to just give My Bpo Business Jobs a try. They are known for their diligence and their hardworking staff after all.

The closing of the transaction is subject to usual and customary closing conditions as well as regulatory review and approval, which is anticipated during the third quarter.

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