Nantech Ranks The Number One Position As One Of The Leading Exide Dealers In Chennai

The people behind Nantech bring yet another way to make life smoother. As the prominent Exide battery dealers in Chennai, they now offer tubular batteries fit for extreme environments.

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A constant supply of electricity is a fundamental need in today’s time where everything runs on power. It is particularly true for industries where even a short power outage can disrupt work leading to a massive loss. One solution to power outages are batteries such as Exide tubular.

An Exide tubular battery is a power backup solution manufactured with the latest technology in batteries. Unlike other batteries that paste active material on the surface of a place, tubular batteries put it in polyester tubes known as gauntlets. The process ensures a longer battery life due to lack of corrosion and shedding. Furthermore, Exide tubular batteries are durable and sturdy, which ensures that they can operate even in extreme temperatures.

The batteries are made with Torr Tubular Technology. It is the most advanced system in the industry as it utilises “HADI” casting. HADI is high-pressure spine casting methodology rarely available to all.

When the leading Exide dealers in Chennai, Nantech, were asked about the product, a Spokesperson stated, “Exide tubular batteries employ the HADI process which makes for a superfine grain structure. As a result, the batteries have just more than strength. They have a long life, a feature essential to batteries, and they have high backup power, another pivotal element. You can use the Exide batteries we deal in anywhere as they have high reliability. We’re the known Exide battery dealers in Chennai, and we’ve supplied them for many applications.”

The tubular technology combined with the HADI process allows the batteries to be installed in high cyclic applications. They are ideally fit for areas and sectors that either involves frequent power outage or prolonged power cuts. A few areas were Exide batteries supplied by Nantech can be used are USPs, telecommunication systems, inverters, railway segment, power plants, office automation equipment, and process instrumentation control.

Almost negligible maintenance and more electrolyte per Ampere hour make the Exide batteries we deal in suitable for extended power loss. The same characteristics, along with thick tubular plates, allow the batteries to be installed in sectors such as substations. But the USP of the batteries, as per us, is the fast recovery after a deep discharge. With the Exide tubular battery, we are answering yet another customer need, especially those in niche industries,” said a representative from Nantech.

Nantech has made a name as Exide battery dealers in the city due to customisation and the drive to produce innovative solutions. Besides dealing with power solutions, they also manufacture batteries use strong engineering skills. Every product they supply is quality tested to ensure no glitches occur after installation. Additionally, they have at hand a range of Exide tubular batteries. Each type can be fit to a particular need or price point.

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