New App Helps Businesses Streamline Asset Management and Tracking, Delivering Powerful, ROI

NORTHRIDGE, California—A new app is looking to revolutionize the way that businesses track and manage their assets. Beacyn is a free mobile app that gives companies flexibility in asset tracking. And access to a robust set of reporting and analytics tools that are designed to make protecting a business’ precious assets easier and more cost-effective.

The company behind Beacyn is Topcone, Inc. We have sought to create a centralized platform for businesses to track and manage all types of physical assets to streamline operations and maximize their bottom lines.

The app is designed to track, manage, and control full range items and processes, including the location of physical and electronic equipment, employee time and attendance, medical devices, mobile devices, delivery of consignments, technical service requests, security personnel movements, tenant service requests, and more. Plus it is very useful in commercial and marketing functions. Beacyn’s global tracking system is customizable, giving businesses the flexibility to build a tool that meets their asset management and tracking needs.

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Key features of the Beacyn app include quick and intuitive setup, no additional hardware or scanner requirements, and geolocation and geofencing capabilities. The app is free to download and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. The highly flexible nature of the app allows users to customize their asset tracking needs, and all services are cost-effective and built on a subscription basis.

The app’s dashboard allows managers to quickly enter asset information via a simple intake form and assign each asset with a unique alphanumeric code. Managers can receive notifications regarding the asset’s movements and actions, via text messages or emails. They can download the tracking information into a CSV file for review and analysis.

Businesses can create custom data collection forms and share them in real-time with managers and other employees, enabling them to deploy mobile applets for any business functionality quickly.

Users can customize their backend experience in Beacyn, which features a personalized dashboard that allows location and geofencing options, data tracking details, reporting features, data export options, and more.

“Topcone is pleased to offer businesses a better way of tracking and managing real and human assets,” said Ramesh Ramchandani, Topcone CEO. “Beacyn delivers a cutting-edge industry solution that is more cost-effective than other services on the market and delivers incredible flexibility, given its ability to work with or without the internet. Its intuitive features give asset managers and employees instant inventory control powers in the palm of their hands and provide real-time communication between businesses and users. We’re excited to see how Beacyn saves our clients time and money by helping them more easily track their valuable assets.”

To learn more about Beacyn, visit To download the app, visit the Apple or Google Play store.

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