New Hammertoe Fusion Device Now Available For Licensing

The Licensing Consulting Group has announced that a new medical fusion device for the treatment of hammertoe.

“This new design solves many of the problems associated with current hammer toe fusion devices,” said Dr. David Biesinger DPM, CEO. “This innovative device promotes better healing.”

Hammertoe is a foot deformity due to imbalance in the muscles, tendons or ligaments which usually hold the toe straight. The condition results in an abnormal bend in the middle joint of a toe. Common surgical remedies can include pins, screws, and rods –the new device seeks to replace this current selection of treatment options to avoid their pitfalls.

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The device is with an innovative shape memory material, which helps the device provide better compression and stability than comparable devices.

“Upon heating, the shape-changing flexures can shorten over 10% of their original length, providing continuous compression between phalanges,” James Biesinger, CTO said.

The device also uses a cannulation feature that allows it to be applied accurately with a guidewire and requires no special tools while increasing stability and providing increased pullout strength.

Hammertoe repair is one of the most common performed by foot and ankle surgeons. An estimated 20% of the United States population suffers from hammertoe abnormality, resulting in over1.2 million surgical procedures conducted annually.

“This device facilitates a more reproducible procedure than current hammer toe correction techniques and its unique design provides more flexibility during surgery improved healing and reduction of revision surgeries,” Dr. Biesinger said.

The Licensing Consulting Group expects the new device will support the growing demand for low-cost, minimally-invasive surgeries to correct hammertoe. More information about the Xtraverse Hammertoe surgical device is available at

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