New UK online tutoring platform, Power By The Minute has launched!

Teach9 are a team of ex-students and teachers who have a vision – and that vision is to create affordable and quality education for all, regardless of location or income.

The team have spent time behind locked doors with their collective thinking caps on and seemed to have pioneered a new way forward when it comes to tutoring. Their flagship service is called Power By The Minute, and it has seen the team focus on things like quality of service, sharing resources, and the accessible and affordable pricing model, which should attract students from across the globe to join up for free, and connect to an expert tutor in a matter of minutes.

The initial launch sees the focus on GCSE level work, with the service well equipped to handle the initial load of demands placed upon it. Unlike their competitors, Teach9 offer their tutors ALL the money – the teachers pay zero commission and take every penny of the hourly rate.

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This is not the only thing that sets them apart.

Having trialled the service anonymously, I can vouch for the fluid interface and easy to understand platform, which allows me to connect with other tutors and students and share my problems until solved. I can opt for a quick fix – or choose to spend my money on a steady stream of lessons – either way – the platform is visually impressive and works well, and is faster than their competitors.

The world is potentially their oyster – so congratulations, Teach9 – we wish you well in the education and technology sector.

Ian De Mountford

Here are some of their brand values and some promotional material from their brochure.

Quality of Service

With a small team of handpicked tutors, we ensure a personal and bespoke experience unmatched by other companies.

Technology Infused

We’ve built our own educational platform to allow effective tuition and learning with no hassles.

24/7 Support

You can be sure we’re always on hand to help you – just pick up the phone.

What we can offer you and your learning

We offer one-one online tuition with our Power By The Minute service, providing all the tools and features needed for effective online tuition, with the best tutors. All at flexible and affordable ‘pay as you learn’ rates. Teach9 is more than a company – it’s a community with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for learning.

Power By The Minute

One to one online tutoring, connect in minutes or book for later. Pay by the minute or hour.

Teach9 Answers

Free Q&A forum for quick homework and school help from tutors and students alike.

Testimonial from parents

  • TJ tutored my daughter for her AS Maths which secured her an A, bringing her up from her mock result of a C. Our tutor was quick and efficient at understanding how to help Steph improve her confidence, rapidly identifying her strengths and weaknesses.

The five key pillars are the foundations of the Teach9 online community, the brand values we and our tutors live by.

We are a pioneering start-up company who connect students, tutors and families through our broad range of edu-tech applications. Our experience as a team informs our insight into the education sector, and our commitment to improving accessibility to learning is shaped through the prism of technology that students and tutors utilize, as much as it is developed by the community of students, peers and mentors.

Quality of Experience

Our goal is to see students excelling in their studies and growing lesson confidence.

Commitment to Learning

Our goal is to see students excelling in their studies and growing lesson confidence.


All of the Teach9 Team are driven by their passion and expertise in their field.


Using technology to create the optimum learning environment.


Online tutoring is convenient and fits around your busy schedule, we keep it simple with no subcriptions.

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