New version of RentALL – Airbnb Clone Script v1.8.0

We are excited to announce the latest release of RentALL – Airbnb clone script. This release includes improvements of various features and we mainly focused on upgrading React15 to React16, improvising the UI and to improve the SEO ranking of the platform.

Here is the summary of the features that’s been added to RentALL v1.8.0 – Airbnb clone script,

What’s New in this version:

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  • Upgraded to React 16 version
  • New Home Page Layout
  • Popular Locations
  • Dynamic SiteMap
  • Cookies Disclaimer bar
  • Listing title added as part of the listing URL
  • Highlighting pricing tags on the map
  • UI improvements in becoming a host form, Edit profile, Change password, Signup and Login forms
  • Refined filters in Search Page

Upgraded to React 16 version:

React 16 is completely rewritten from the core to include a lot of advantages to the developers like in-built error handling strategy which greatly reduces the error during rendering. Also, it provides better performance than React 15 and drastically increases the speed in the server side rendering.

New Home Page layout:

RentALL gives you an option to switch between two different elegant homepage layout.

“Banner Text with Image Slider Layout” – New one and it makes the platform more modern
“Banner Text Only Layout” – Old one and it’s simple & clean

Popular Locations:

“Manage Popular Location” allows admin to add an image, the name of the location and geo location with latitude and longitude. Admin can add any number of popular locations which will appear on the home page. Whenever the user clicks on any of the popular locations that will take them to search page and show results based on the location.

Dynamic SiteMap:

We have introduced XML SiteMaps in all pages including listings page that contains URL for all the listings and pages. This is exclusively provided for web crawlers for easy access. The XML file is automatically added to every new item and page which lets you have an up to date information and periodically revised to Google Webmaster.

Cookies Disclaimer bar:

Cookies disclaimer is mandatory for the websites after the GDPR. We have got you covered. We have added a Cookies Disclaimer bar in this release.

Listing Title added as part of the URL:

In the Listing page, we added the listing title as part of the URL to boost the SEO. Hence, this allows to recognize the listings more clearly and provides better identification for users through search engines.

Highlighting Pricing tags on the map:

In the Search page, whenever you mouse over any of the search results that will highlight the same on the pricing tag on the Map. This helps the users to identify the location of the results on the map instead of clicking each one of them on the map to see more information about the specific listings.

UI improvements in becoming a host form, Edit profile, Change password, Signup and Login forms:

We have improvised the UI by changing the appearance and maintaining a universal appeal throughout the site like Airbnb. Furthermore, this creates a modern look to the site and provides a better user experience. Especially this will be helpful for mobile users. We have improved the look and feel of both signup and login forms to provide a better user experience.

Refined filters in Search Page:

We have added a lot of UI improvements to the search page filters and make it easy to access by the users.

Bug Fixes:

We are very grateful to all our customers who have taken their time to provide valuable feedback to improve RentALL. We will keep working on improving RentALL and keep you posted on the progress. Stay tuned!

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