New Way to Learn Guitar with your Smartwatch

Wristruments is the world’s first and only smartwatch application that helps you learn, practice and play real instruments.

It was invented by American inventor/entrepreneur Joe Corcoran and is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter to raise money for the full version of the application. It will be available on Apple Watch, Google Wear, and Samsung watches.

Wristruments is the most intuitive and personalized way ever to learn guitar. Our goal is to help you get better at playing every time you pick up your instrument.

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Our patented technology augments your real instrument on your smartwatch and puts learning right at your fingertips. Your screen responds intuitively to hand movements, allowing you to take advantage of the entire fretboard and learn once intimidating concepts with the east. The Fretboard position ticker helps you keep track of where to play.

Wristruments is your metronome, instructor, sheet music, and song library, and tuner all in one tiny device; but our e-learning app is much more than just that.

We think that the reason most people never reach the skill level they desire is simple. Playing is fun, and learning is boring. Jamming out and making music is significantly more FUN than sitting through a 2-hour lesson on classical fingerpick techniques until your fingers bleed and you never want to play again.

We’re breaking down this traditional notion on learning and blending the way we learn, practice, and play, by combining the benefits of “learning,” with the gratification of “playing.” 

We believe technology, and learning as a whole should be all about you, and Wristruments is designed from the ground up with that, and you, in mind.

Instead of spamming you with notifications telling you when to take a lesson or practice, and trying to force you into the learning schedule we think is best for you, Wristruments empowers your actual motivation as it happens.

We use your smartwatches microphone to detect when you start playing so we can naturally supplement your sessions to help you improve while having the most fun and never losing motivation or getting stale.

The very first step helps Wristruments learn a little about what you already know, and what you want to achieve as a musician. This will help our software suggest lessons, exercises, and songs that align with your goals. 

Then you will set up your personalized interface, based on your individual learning preferences. The number of unique ways Wristruments can teach and display a single concept is truly unlimited. 
Once your personalized interface is set up, which can be modified at any time, you are ready to become a rockstar in no time.

Start by simply playing your instrument to activate Wristruments, then selecting learn, practice, or play mode.

LEARN mode is where you’ll find our hybrid video-smartwatch lessons, that are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. As the lesson plays, concepts and supplemental instruction are displayed on your smartwatch in real-time, the way that YOU best understand them. At certain checkpoints, the video will pause for you to try out or practice what is being taught. Once your watches microphone detects that you’ve completed what’s being taught, the concept of exercise is added to your knowledge bank, and the lesson continues. 

Little bits of the consistent, purposeful practice of the right material has been found over and over to be the most effective thing in really mastering any skill. 

By integrating these bits of consistent purposeful practice into your jam sessions, you’ll get better every time you play without having to think about it.

PLAY mode Is the easiest way to learn and memorize songs. Open up your song library, choose a song, and the notes and lyrics are displayed right there as you play.

Throw on a backing track, and see proper scales in real-time to take your lead and soloing skills to the next level! In rhythm/lead mode on guitar, one player is given a chord progression in a certain key, while the lead player is shown the proper associated scale in real-time.

Multi-player mode lets you link up with your friends and play songs, together. You can even sync with other instruments and play with the whole band!

We are also planning on developing an LMS and authoring system, to help teachers supplement their instruction and better assess student practice habits in between lessons. This will be available for both in-person instructors and on-line instructors.

Wristruments is a personalized intelligent learning assistant that is constantly learning about your learning preferences by assessing your change in performance following certain types of instruction and practice exercises. By taking base concepts from a wide variety of instructional resources and personalizing them to your custom interface, we are teaching you in a way that is familiar and effective to you. This allows you to learn once complex techniques by merely adding on to what you already know and designing conceptual representations in a way that you understand.

With wristruments, you won’t ever have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars every month on an instructor, or being late to a session because the coffee line was too long.

We’re not saying learning to play is easy, but it shouldn’t be so painful!

We have beta-tested Wristruments successfully for Guitar, which is our first goal via crowdfunding. We have included stretch goals for other stringed instruments (bass, ukelele, banjo), as well as keyboard.

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