Now Think Exam online assessment software comes with the choice of Test Base and User Base Panel!

Think Exam is one of the most prominent names in the Online Assessment Industry. It is a remarkable product by Ginger Webs, a company profoundly known for its path-breaking technology that is improvising the sector of assessment and testing since long. Think Exam has been acknowledged by a diverse range of industries right from schools, colleges, institutes, corporates to even Government and Universities.

Think Exam never falls back on its constant road of innovation and always comes up with new features that make it the most ideal online assessment platform for its existing as well as new users. This time Think Exam has introduced a new benefit for the client that is “Test Base and User Base Panel”.

Now the admins can choose the package of their choice without worrying about investing their money into something that is not required by them. Think Exam has improvised its existing package by distributing it into two options, one is the “Test Based Panel” and another is the “User Based Panel”.

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In the “Test Base Panel” the limitation is set according to the number of tests available in the package. The user can purchase the package according to the number of tests required by him.

In the “User Base Panel” the admin can assign tests to as many users as much the availed package specifies. Once the user limit is over, the admin can enroll extra users as Guest Users who will be getting limited access to the panel.

This improvisation made on the packages is very helpful for the clients as they can be specific about what they want and they can get their needs catered according to that. They can also get a specially customized panel that comes under the Think Exam tailored volume, made to adjust with the changing needs of a client.

Think Exam is an exceptional product, transforming assessments making them more impactful, creative and automate. It is a platform that covers the complete requirement of creating, conducting and evaluating online assessments with its robust features. With a huge client base of 2000+ clients, Think Exam has made its eminence around the globe becoming a significant assessment partner in various sectors and industries.

“Our motto is to empower the education sector with best of assessment facilities making it a seamless process for both the examiner and the examinee”Ginger Webs. The company has made profound growth in the past few years and is still moving strong on its motto. With its client-centric approach and the zest to explore every dimension of assessments through the microscope of technology, Ginger Webs has moved mountains and will continue to do the same in all the coming years.

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