O1 Visa more Feasible Alternative to H1b for Indian Immigrants

Immigration is a trending topic in US news, with the delivery of H1B Visas going down. However, there are different means, especially for high skilled areas where India shines, such as technology. This loophole is a bit known visa called the O1 and created for innovator types, from engineering to entrepreneurship.

While H1B Visas have been getting tougher to acquire, with the limits tried again every few months, the O1 Visa has passed completely under the radar. PassRight is one firm that made it their focus to target alternative visas. The firm is based by using immigrants who experienced first-hand the costs, concerns, and insecurities related to the US Visa process. PassRight’s

partnered with McGettrick Law PLLC, specialises in business immigration for companies and talented individuals.

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PassRight’s staff knows the challenges of moving to a new country. According to CEO, Liran Rosenfeld, “We founded PassRight at the values of empathy, transparency, efficiency and affordability. Paperwork and process is a very unwelcome addition to an already long and complex list of challenges for any immigrant.”

AI has been a surprising ally. But as the paperwork process can be very long and complex, machine learning became a clear solution to understanding how to best identify the ideal visa opportunity for every person. This all reduces the time and cost of immigration petitions, all with an increased rate of success.

“We want to counteract the fear-driven and fragmented immigration process intensified by current immigration policies. Applicants have to face expensive legal fees and often inadequate supports as attorneys are often swamped with thousands of cases”, said Denise McGettrick, Chief Legal Officer at PassRight.

One of the legal insights of PassRight has been a focus on the O1 Visa. Unlike the H1B, it is not limited to a pool of 85,000 people, and it is massively underused today. This Visa is attained by showing talent and expertise in an entrepreneurial context and PassRight provides not only documentation support but also the sponsorship required for acceptance. This process can be

extremely fast by bureaucratic standards, often taking two to four weeks to complete. Further Visas such as the E2 for investors are also available, along with the more traditional H1B Visas which take longer and are much riskier.

Talent demand still outstrips supply in Silicon Valley along with other US innovation hubs. PassRight is determined to decrease the barriers to filling these positions with the best global skills, no matter the country of origin. As the political climate intensifies around these topics, support will only become a more complex concern for immigrants, employers, and attorneys alike. This issue is not only personal for the PassRight team, but to any American benefitting from the technology permeating society today, and created largely with the help of talent from abroad. This is a problem that truly touches the lives of everyone in America.

About PassRight

PassRight is a SaaS Company providing technology to Immigration Law Firms of the future, firms focusing on Family and Business Immigration. PassRight is the first nationwide immigration low-tech company. In its BETA, PassRight has favourably helped 700+ customers in obtaining visa approvals. For more information please visit PassRight at www.passright.com.

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