Okamic: Manchester duo create unique and innovative bag

Two friends from Manchester have teamed up to create a unique and innovative bag set to win the hearts of photographers and travelling creatives. The duo both from South Manchester, is the brains behind the brand Okamic, introducing the sleek new backpack for enthusiast photographers and travellers.

In their initial manifesto, the pair cite that Okamic is here “to provide a practical, innovative and comfortable solution to life’s daily annoying challenges.” With sustainability and quality being the focal point, the bag – manufactured by a bluesign certified company – boasts a greener carbon footprint than most of its competitors on the market. Just in the packaging alone, “the backpack will be shipped to customers in a biodegradable cassava root bag”. It is part of the company’s vision to promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly mindset through its products.

With its multifunctionality, Okamic’s bag is ideal for general use to accommodate essentials when travelling or commuting, in addition to its primary use. The bag has a removable padded camera cube aimed specifically at photographers. With knowledge of the fact that weather is unpredictable, the makers of Okamic’s bag have ensured it to be all-weather-proof to keep its contents protected from the elements – whether you are strolling down a muddy riverbank in winter or trekking up the drizzly Peak District in autumn. On the other hand, the bag has a roomy 32-litre capacity which makes it suitable for travelling, whereby a few nights’ clothing needs packing.

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Beyond the backpack is a brand that prides itself in a diverse product range to meet the needs of the clients it serves. The UK-brand has set its sights on the global market and will achieve this by “utilizing Kickstarter as a launchpad to introduce The Pack to the world.”

Ultimately, all travellers and photographers want is a comfort, security and portability with their luggage; Okamic vows to provide this with versatility and quality central to all their bag and future products.

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