One-Stop Solution To Get The Best Falling Film Evaporator Systems In 2019

ne-Stop Solution To Get The Best Falling Film Evaporator Systems In 2019


San Francisco, Apr 26, 2019 ( – Extraction industry has been growing at a rapid pace. As production scales, the capacity of machinery must scale also. A major step of the ethanol extraction process is solvent recovery. This is where the ethanol needs to be removed from the extracted material.SubZero provides an incredible array of advantages over traditional rotary evaporators. They are designed to meet the needs of large-scale production facilities and are guaranteed to save critical time and cost.

The Einstein Plus: Falling Film Evaporator System is capable of matching the production of over ten 20L rotary evaporators. It boasts a throughput of 189L (up to 50 gallons) per hour with a 98.6% recovery on the first pass through. Einstein Plus is ideal for large production output at the best price. The Einstein Plus is fully designed, made and assembled in Portland, Oregon. Not only Subzero Scientific manufacturing, building and producing the largest ethanol recovery system but we also have the best lead times in the industry. It’s not enough to have the best product, you must be able to get people up and running within 30 days. Time is money and this product and our dedication to meet the customers’ needs. Subzero Scientific will setup and teach you how to use their equipment and provide you with customer support and lifetime warranty.

How Falling Film Works? Falling Film evaporation works in a fundamentally different way than rotary evaporation. Instead of rotating the solvent in a heat bath, the liquid product flows downwards through a tall vertical tube at boiling temperature, which is typically achieved using steam. The product enters the heating tube at the top and forms a thin film along the tube’s inner wall as it flows. At the same time, the steam vapour flow moves downwards towards a separator, which removes the steam and solvent from the concentrate. Falling film systems do not feature moving parts. High-quality falling film systems are made of robust stainless steel and high-grade glass. The only significant limit on the production capacity of a falling film evaporator is the size of the system and its evaporation tube. This makes the falling film an ideal choice for large-scale operations. A large-scale falling film evaporator can process up to 20 times the material that a single generic rotovap can process in a fraction of the time. The falling film process can take as little as 30 seconds, vastly reducing the amount of time during which products are exposed to high levels of heat. Because there are no moving parts, it is possible to almost completely automate a falling film system. Its closed-loop extraction system reduces the need for manual operation. A single operator can recover a higher quantity of solvent at a greater speed than they could with a rotary evaporator.

Why Subzero Scientific? SubZeromanufactures the highest grade stainless steel extraction equipment in the industry. Their ASME-certified welders create beautiful ethanol extraction equipment with exceptional stainless steel quality in the a trailblazing manufacturing company with a singular focus of building the world’s best extraction equipment. Subzero delivers an exceptional system of tools designed for beginning to end product creation. They have perfected the manufacturing process to produce quality equipment that allows yielding the highest quality product on the market without overpromising results.

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