OpenSingularity Foundation Brings Skynet Core to Power the Future of Blockchain Technology and Inter

OpenSingularity Foundation is working towards creating a revolutionized beginning in the field of Blockchain technology through Skynet Core Network that will empower the future of how the Internet of Things devices will work and communicate. The core is the world’s first RISC-V Blockchain IoT chip and is license-free. This chip is designed to replace the current crop of CPUs and will enable enhanced capability for an interconnected Internet of Things devices, working on the Blockchain technology network. This 5th generation Blockchain technology enabled core network is combined with Artificial Intelligence creating an intelligent machine economy environment. You can get more information on the Skynet Core network and how it is going to impact the future of technology by visiting:

There are multiple level chips being designed by the firm pertaining to Skynet Core Network, which includes:

  • Skycore 1000 – 32-bit RISC-V for IoT devices
  • Skycore 2000 – 64-bit RISC-V for Edge Intelligence
  • Skycore 3000 – 64-bit RISC-V for Servers

As one of the leading Blockchain hardware companies, the firm is working on designing a core network that will have a modular design and be powered by a Blockchain SoC (System on a Chip) optimized for the IoT, ensuring a decentralized environment. The IoT interconnection powered by Skynet Open Network (SON) will enable unprecedented scalability and pioneering solutions for the distributed ledger networks.

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OpenSingularity Foundation, a prominent name in Blockchain device companies, aims to redefine the industry protocol by designed a system for widespread adoption of the Skynet protocols and extending the accessibility of intellectual and hardware property. The open design of the Core network means that is built for mass adoptions and the company aims to target billions of adoption in the Internet of Things devices in the coming years. The cores come with their native features like cryptocurrencies, tokens, which provides the right platform for the developers to create their own distributed applications for the Open Network and enable the devices to utilize the ecosystem network thoroughly.

What Skynet Open Network does is provide a scalable platform to multiple device domains which are connected through a large pool of network ecosystem, and irrespective of the locations. These networks can be custom-tailored for the specific purpose and are independent as well, thus delivering key solutions for security, stacking, governance and tokens. SON fits the networks are for high throughput nature, enabled with instant finality. Amongst many benefits Skynet Open Network offers includes:

  • Interoperable
  • Customizable
  • Low Transaction Fees
  • Instant Finality
  • Horizontal Scaling
  • High Throughput

The Skynet Open Network allows for high-end and streamlined Blockchain acceleration and adoption as it is designed for an economically viable M2M economy. The SON is compatible with Ethereum micropayment, dApp and incentive layer.

About OpenSingularity Foundation

The OpenSingularity Foundation is one of the leading Blockchain hardware companies that is designing World’s first license-free RISC-V Blockchain IoT chip, Skynet Core. The Skynet Core Network will provide enhanced interconnection between IoT devices through a decentralized and highly scalable network built for Blockchain adoption.

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