Ottawa Tech Company To Develop Wheelchairs Connected To Smart Tablets For Handicapped Individuals

Taleam Systems, Ottawa’s tech company to develop tablet-connected wheelchairs for handicapped and disabled individuals living in Ottawa, Ontario.

Taleam Systems is an IT company based in Ottawa, Ontario, founded in 2011 by Melad Ahmadzai.

Taleam Systems plans to create two solutions to support people with disabilities.

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"We want to build hearing aids using the latest technology and develop wheelchairs that would have the tablet facility mounted directly on them," Ahmadzai said.

There is only one employee in the city of Ottawa, which is the service area of Taleam Systems.

The company anticipates employing disabled individuals in the areas of software, repairs, marketing, and administration.

Ahmadzai continues, "I do not have a projected budget as I would like assistance in creating one as part of the business expansion plan." He adds, "I would like to start the project once the business plan and budget have been completed, which could be within one year."

In the meantime, Taleam Systems plans to continue operations in Ottawa. The operation of the business deals with service and sales of computers.

Contact information:

Melad Ahmadzai, Manager of Taleam Systems


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