Owatch Major update of VR Driving Simulator: VRDMS Dofx Motion Solution

Owatch officially announces the addition of their latest VRDMS motion solution to the new VR driving simulator. Using this program will greatly enhance the sense of driving on different surface, road conditions and collision. Players can experience more rich motion effects, more fun in the better driving performance!

VRDMS: Real-time dynamic Dofx motion solution, the advanced dynamic algorithm in an integrated circuit box. The algorithm is based on the Hellys driver and can be arbitrarily matched with any brand of electric cylinders, combined into 3DOF or 6DOF platform. VRDMS makes it easy to simulate the accurate motion of moving objects in the game.

Before this, other VR motion simulation game manufacturers in the industry used rougher algorithms for collecting the movements. Players can feel the steering, fueling, braking and normal vibration from the road. After adding the VRDMS we developed, players on the VR driving simulator can clearly feel the sensitive different motion when car on the grass, the road, half grass half road, potholes and collisions, making players more immersive and enjoy the double stimulation of speed visually and physically, greatly enhanced the entertainment of the game.

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VRDMS currently supports famous driving simulator games such as Project Car, Colin Mcrae: Dirt 3, X-plane, etc. Can easily start the accurate motion simulation with installed our RPC-IC hardware and Hellys drivers. For other games, the game developer only needs to add our widgets to the program, bind the moving objects, then it will work. There is no need to know the detailed parameters of the hardware or the game developer to write the motion matching program.

Owatch has been committed to the development of dynamic platforms, from game to professional science, from 5D/7D dynamic 3D cinema to 9D VR motion cinema, from VR racing to helicopter simulation and Boeing 737 simulator. Right now, Owatch has become one of the best VR simulator manufacturers and leading dynamic technology application companies in China.

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