Pallavi Ghayalod drove Arya Risk Management Systems eyes building CrossBorder Innovation to Global

Arya Risk Management Systems Pvt. Ltd., an India-based, privately held financial software firm offering technology and business solutions in the U.S. capital markets, is hoping to construct worldwide scale, intuitive products by utilizing new-age technologies. The company, founded by business finance entrepreneur Pallavi Ghayalod is set to touch the first-decade milestone.

“In a dynamic sector like the financial market, we at Arya Risk Systems have been able to grow our credibility by remaining relevant to our clients. The key to our success has been the unique expertise we bring by combining cutting-edge technological innovation with a keen understanding of the business environment. Our products are therefore, not theoretical solutions, they address the challenges our clients face in the real world,” Mrs. Pallavi Ghayalod said.

As an early pioneer in Portfolio Modelling and Data Analysis, Arya Management Systems acts as a financial partner, offering solutions for translating data into value. With domain expertise in all capital markets, Arya has in-house technological tool building capabilities to analyze large data sets.

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The company’s market data models can create Customized Trading applications and Quantitative Research services in Energy, Oil, Gas, Equity and Fixed Income sectors. With focus areas of Data, Trading and Risk, it offers services in both aspects of Investing and Finance.

As part of the next frontier, Arya Risk Management Systems is set to build cross-border applications. “The standard progression for us would be to more volume of work, while combining our expertise across several markets. Apart from our boutique services in the U.S. capital markets, we would like to build products that are locally relevant yet globally scalable. Commodity Risk Management, Wealth Management and News Aggregation are a few sectors where we see high value.”

Mrs. Pallavi Ghayalod’s global ambition and vision, which defines the company’s growth strategy, stems from her personal journey as a female entrepreneur heading operations that span across multiple geographies and high risk sectors. “As a business leader, I strongly believe in breaking barriers that prevents an individual or organization from being mutable. Arya Risk Management Systems is driven by a culture of adaptability makes geography irrelevant; we can service any client from around the globe, from anywhere,” she explained.

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