Park Capital SA – Investment in foreign exchange wields high returns.

The China-United States trade wars have caused turbulent impacts on the financial markets. International funds have been withdrawn from the US stock fund since May 6th. The net outflow was as high as $13.96 billion, This is the biggest one-week outflow on record since the end of January this year, dragging US stock market and S&P 500 index down to 2.1% in a single week.

Although the outflow of European stocks last week saw convergence, weeks of consecutive losses have exceeded 13 weeks. Emerging Asian stocks and global market funds are still weak. Latin Ameria and European, Middle Eastern and African stocks are holding on, however, the net inflow of a single week is only less than 100 million US dollars.

Situations like this, where stock markets are unstable, risk awareness is also rising globally. Stable investments with zero risk have become the primary consideration for investors when choosing investment projects.

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Founded in Switzerland in 2009, Park Capital SA is a global fund management company specializing in wealth management and development in foreign exchange investments. Recruiting top-notch professional traders from around the world and achieving substantial and profitable returns for clients through the trading platform exclusive to Park Capital SA. Park Capital SA’s excellent fund management technology is highly recognized in the finance sector.

Kenneth Maddox, Chief Fund Manager of Park Capital SA, suggests that investors can consider investing in the foreign exchange market through a large-scale professional investment organization. Especially when current financial markets are unstable due to China-US trade wars and the impact of global finance. The use of more stable and sustainable trading modes such as triangular arbitrage can seize profitable opportunities, timely grasp the best exchange trading points and complete the arbitrage trading to obtain profits.

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