Patented TruEtch(R) Technology Selected by MEI Customer & Mfg. of RF & Power Management Devices

MEI received an order from a repeat customer who is an RF and power management device manufacturer located in the southwestern United States for a Semi-automatic Advancer Wet Process System utilizing MEI’s patented TruEtch® technology.

About The Application:
The TruEtch® wet processing system, with it’s excellent etch uniformity, is ideal for our customer’s gold seed patterned etch application. MEI’s patented TruEtch® technology provides etch uniformity that is comparable to, and in applications typically reserved for, single wafer and reverse plating systems. The immersion based TruEtch® technology enables customers to produce products in a smaller footprint system that is less expensive, saves cleanroom space, and lowers initial capital investment often required for R&D production lines. Our TruEtch® system produces more wafers per hour and uses less chemistry while producing less waste. Although many of these advantages are inherently immersion based, metal etchants with higher etch rates have always been limited in uniformity. By applying the TruEtch® technology to different metal films, MEI etched a variety of etchants having etch rates from 8 to 30 A/Sec.

The MEI Advancer platform is well suited for critical evaporated or sputtered etch applications. The system etches 2000 A films at 400 A/min while still achieving WIW < = 1.5% and WTW < = 2% uniformity across a loaded cassette of 25 200mm substrates. When combined with MEI’s Genesis Marangoni Dryer, the Advancer becomes a dry-in dry-out system, maximizing the user’s productivity while minimizing contamination from the handling of wet wafer cassettes. The Genesis dry technology provides additional protection from breakage often associated with SRD spin cycle vibrations.

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MEI Wet Processing Semiconductor Equipment goal is to provide our customers with the best possible process control by using state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum performance, uptime, and reliability. Through a combination of patented technology, process experience, software sophistication, and robust design, MEI provides superior wet process systems for a wide variety of applications.

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