Prandex, the Indian Crypto Exchange Platform, This Month Officially Went Global

Prandex, a fast growing cryptocurrency exchange based out of India, this week excitedly announced that their platform has gone from regional to global.

Presently, Prandex offers 50 high market cap coins with 100 crypto-crypto trading pairs under BTC, ETH, and USDT markets boasting high liquidity, making it a lucrative platform for potential investors. In the next few months, the number of coins will increase to over 100, and continue to evolve fast as time goes on. Prandex charges one of the lowest trading fees in the industry, using 0.1% trading fee for all the listed pairs.

“We proudly provide the most resourceful all-in-one trading platform in the entire cryptocurrency market, we strongly believe that this is poised to improve the trading experience for our traders, new and experienced,” said Zahoor Mohamed, Founder and CEO of Prandex. “Stocked with multi-language and multi-device support, anyone, in any country, can access our crypto-exchange platform.”

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Providing more than just a normal exchange, the platform also entails Social Trading, Trading Bots, Lending, Portfolio Management and Advanced Technical Analysis tools that are leveraged for crypto trading. Prandex is also equipped with a responsive mobile app that enables users to check on cryptocurrency prices and trading information in real-time.

“Prandex is already working on Full Decentralisation of its entire product, right from the user interface, order books, atomic coin swaps and transaction storage, rooting it using web3 technology like Ethereum Swarm” said Zahoor. “. Spread the word on the official launch of our platform, and check our new referral offers which include sharing 25% transaction fee.”

Previously working with the Ethereum Foundation, Zahoor brings years of experience within the crypto markets to the forefront of the Prandex operation. The team works out of India, pooling their talents together to revolutionise an already powerful industry today

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