PRD Media Group Launches To Propel The Blockchain Industry To New Heights

PRD Media Group has announced the launch of its new Blockchain PR platform Blockchain Technology is changing the way many industries do business, including the financial sector. Seldom has the financial world scene such revolutionary changes that affect every facet of the way they are used to operating. Blockchain and Crypto are being embraced by more and more mainstream industries. PRD Media Group was deeply involved with the initial press release writing and distribution that launched some of the biggest names in the first wave of ICO’s.

The team at PRD Media Group have been at the epicentre of the Blockchain and ICO movement since its inception and were very pleased to announce the launch of their new platform that is intended to serve specifically the Blockchain community. Unlike other sites of this nature, PRD is very purposeful in laying out all the details with complete transparency. The PR Package’s that they offer to show exactly what is included, with no hidden surprises.

During a recent press conference, Steve Stanley, the CEO of PRD Media Group was quoted as saying, “We take pride in our complete transparency and being the leaders in the Blockchain PR marketing industry. We saw that many Blockchain PR firms were taking advantage of Blockchain clients by not listing prices or what was and was not included in their packages, so we decided to fill the void and take the direct approach. Our website lists our pricing structure and which Blockchain & Crypto Media are guaranteed to publish their PR. No games.”

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He went on to say, “The most important aspect of Blockchain & Crypto PR marketing is to target the correct audience, and not just spend endless amounts of money publishing a Blockchain PR in Media that has no Crypto readership. Many clients approach us with the desire to be in tech media like TechCrunch, Mashable and others. I ask them if they think their target audience, Crypto investors and enthusiasts, go to those sites to see what is happening in the Crypto community. The answer is No.” has some of the most extensive Blockchain PR marketing and distribution packages available, ranging from $1,750 to $8,250. They include a custom written Press Release that is guaranteed to be published in Crypto and Blockchain related news Media including Google News.

To learn more about PRD Media Group, visit their official website or click here.

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