Predicting the Crypto Markets with the World’s 1st Crypto-themed Tarot Cards

CryptoTarot has announced its release of the world’s very 1st crypto tarot cards on!

As countless of crypto traders, gurus and enthusiasts grapple with predicting the respective markets on a daily basis, to the superstitious and playful of the bunch, these crypto/blockchain-themed tarot cards seem strangely fitting.

With CryptoTarot’s BitcoinTarot Deck –containing 78 cards and featuring pioneering digital currencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Tron — proclaimed psychics, crypto gurus, and enthusiasts alike will all have the chance to employ a new approach to predicting the digital currency markets.

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"The cards are fun. They’re innovative as they draw upon the historical yet timeless superstitious art of fortune-telling using cards, while also capturing the reality that millions of people try to predict the crypto markets today, and every single day. It’s an intriguing blend, and perhaps helps to showcase the more artistic and playful side of crypto and blockchain — a space that many people may find too complex or intimidating to fathom", said a spokesperson for the company.

The deck of cards will be made generally available in September, a month before Halloween, and will be offered globally online at as well as other widely accessible outlets.

On the other hand, rare digital collectable cards from the original deck are immediately available for purchase at the CryptoTarot storefront on, where other one-of-a-kind digital items can be purchased and traded as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the blockchain.

People who purchase the crypto tarot cards as NFTs online on OpenSea are instantly granted with ownership rights which they can leverage in not only online trade via the OpenSea marketplace, but also in commercializing their own products or services.

"It’s all jovial and good old-fashioned frivolity. CryptoTarot is a fun and simple brand, and we’re really excited to share it with the world", the company announced.

You can follow CryptoTarot on Twitter @1st_cryptotarot.

CryptoTarot storefront

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