Privacy focussed Blockstack apps are the future

Blockstack apps protect your digital rights and are powered by the Stacks blockchain. You can secure your data with Blockstack and get a universal login. Blockstack apps can be built in as little as an hour. Blockstack provides both auth and data storage. You can build Blockstack apps only using javascript without the requirement of backend development.

The Blockstack Network stores application data using a storage system called Gaia. Transactional metadata is stored on the Stacks blockchain and user application data is stored in Gaia storage. Storing data off of the blockchain ensures that Blockstack applications can provide users with high performance and high availability for data reads and writes without introducing central trust parties. With Gaia storage user is in control of their own data.

Following are some of the privacy focussed apps built using Blockstack + Gaia storage:-

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Daily Bookmark – Simple secure app for your daily bookmark needs

psdPhotos – Image editor with offline capabilities and cloud storage

eVault – Simple secure encrypted Vault for all your files

RestHuman – Simple secure app for API management + testing for humans

GitHuman – Decentralized alternative to GitHub and GitLab

Productive Work – Focus on your work and Track your tasks

Satlite Space – Broadcast your message to the world using satellite

Evergreen Photos – Search for free stock photos

Inspire You – Become the Best Version of Yourself

Startup List – Curated list of resources to build your next unicorn startup

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