PromozSEO Introduced an Up-to-date Digital Marketing Training Program in Kolkata, India

PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy has newly launched a complete, up-to-date and modern digital marketing course in Kolkata for students, professionals and corporate companies. This is an extensive course which covers all 17 chapters of modern digital marketing and 65 modules. The aim of designing such a huge course content is to create job industry ready manpower in internet marketing domain in all over the India, especially in Kolkata.

In last 3 years digital marketing industry grew a lot but still the basic problem of huge manpower demand and lack of good digital marketer exists. This is a specialized industry and requires well trained digital marketers, fresher and experienced both, who are productive to the company from the first day. There are many small digital marketing companies there in the industry that cannot deliver the training to their new employees. They want proactive employees who are trained on digital marketing and can work on and manage projects independently with or without any guidance. Till date the supply of such job-ready manpower on digital marketing is really low.

Digital marketing is an industry where technology updates are very frequent. Many new digital marketing tools come everyday where expertise is absolutely important and required. If the human resource joining digital marketing industry, can’t cope up with these regular updates, will eventually fail to grow professionally. And this not only creates problem to the person’s career, but broadly affects the industry a lot.

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This industry needs manpower that is industry-ready, capable of handling projects successfully, self-learner and proactive. PromozSEO targets to create such manpower and resource-pool which will join this industry in near future and will grow themselves as a true digital marketer and benefit this industry.

After seeing this huge gap between the demand and the supply of well-trained digital marketing manpower, PromozSEO has started this comprehensive digital marketing course in Kolkata which covers all topics of modern day digital marketing. The lead digital marketing trainer at PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy has more than 11 years of industry experience and he has been providing digital marketing training in Kolkata and India since last 7 years. The course structure is designed after counting all the updates on guidelines, technology and tools. Hence this digital marketing course is the most up-to-date. PromozSEO has a dedicated team who will cross-check these updates periodically and will alter their digital marketing course content as and when required.

PromozSEO understands that digital marketing does not only mean the job market and employment. But digital marketing is one such demanding industry which already created many successful internet marketing entrepreneurs who work as freelancer, consultant or agency. There are many individuals who are interested to start working as freelancer, or blogger or YouTube video marketer or want to start their own startup on internet marketing. PromozSEO understands this demand and has introduced a special section on their digital marketing course in Kolkata where they teach how to start freelancing, blogging or a digital marketing agency with minimum resources.

Eligibility Criteria for Joining the Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

  • Person must be minimum a graduate or higher degree holder
  • Person must have good English writing skills
  • Person must be good in communication skills
  • Person must have good aptitude and logical reasoning skills
  • Person must have decent web browsing skill
  • Person must be well behaved and with positive attitude

The best part of digital marketing industry is any graduate can join this and work successfully. No technical education or computer programing skills are required here. A person with good web browsing and English writing skills can learn digital marketing and grow himself as a true digital marketer.

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