Qualifier.ai helped InnSpire to Increase Revenue

InnSpire is a global company leading the way in Hotel Tech with offices all over the world. Their great tech has landed them prestigious clients ranging from big chains such as Radisson and Clarion all the way to boutique hotels such as the Grand Hotel and The Thief.


InnSpire wants to get in touch with high-end hotel chains all over the world. They used to buy lead lists, and manually source online which resulted in a time-consuming process where the data was often outdated. This lead to them losing out on big deals to competitors who had larger sales teams, but inferior tech.

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Qualifier.ai automates prospecting lead generation tool helped the InnSpire team to find and reach out to the prospects that fitted their targeting in a more effective way than what they had ever experienced before. With the help of Qualifier, InnSpire was able to increase b2b sales and revenue by 20% compared to the year before. They are also able to close deals with hotels from all over the world.

"Qualifier.ai has helped us grow immensely and plays a big part in our global growth. We can barely find time to work with all the leads that arrive in our inboxes," said Filip Hector, Sales Director of InnSpire Europe.

To achieve the results that Qualifier brought, InnSpire would have had to hire two extra sales reps and was, therefore, able to see great ROI on their investment.

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