Quitopia announces the official launch of its mobile app

Quitopia is a free app designed to offer up swift Action Cards with prompts for immediate personal advancement. Finding the right tools and planning for success now, will help ensure a successful year ahead.

As a mobile app dealing with pragmatic wisdom, the app aims to empower users to determine and meet their own ideals, break unwanted habits, cease long-term undesired patterns, and initiate new constructive practices.

Quitopia is a unique self-improvement tool designed as a customized mobile app to help users embrace positive changes and achieve their resolutions particularly as the New Year approaches. The mobile app has just been launched on Google Play and App Store.

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The app will be a particularly amazing tool for people who want to fulfill resolutions as the New Year is just around the corner. Whether an individual desires positive change or struggles with change, Quitopia offers an easy and effective way of not only quitting bad habits but also ensuring good habit formation. The method of promoting small steps towards fresh starts and new beginnings is a winning combination.

Each year and in fact each day, comes with the decision to take significant steps towards achieving one’s goals. This could be anything from quitting a bad habit, to taking up a positive one. While practically everyone at some point often tries to mentally prepare and works very hard to ensure bad habits are broken, studies have shown many such resolutions last for less than 14 days. This is where Quitopia is looking to make a huge difference, by offering first and foremost an accessible free app, and then directly helping individuals take conscious, yet simple steps, to directly achieve daily personal success.

You can begin your own fresh start 365 days a year with Quitopia.

Quitopia is available on the App Store and Google Play;

More information about Quitopia can be found on their website.

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