Rackathon Announces Launch of its Coding Competition Platform to source Top Tech Talent

There are about 20 million programmers worldwide, yet most companies are struggling to acquire top tech talent on the open market. On the other hand, most of the developers have a hard time landing their dream job.

{r}ackathon is addressing this problem by launching its innovative coding competition platform so companies can leverage the power of a creative and motivated crowd, post-high-prize challenges, drive innovation and source top tech talent.

By joining coding competitions, developers can improve their programming skills & reputation, win prizes & cash awards, cryptocurrency tokens, commissions, or even equity, and find new job opportunities.

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Another innovative feature of the platform is the option to run competitions in incognito mode, which allows even large and well-known enterprises to acquire talent purely based on the challenge itself, and not on its “celebrity status”. Developers can join as single entities or create or join teams to tackle the challenges.

Additional platform features are a Hackathon Calendar & Map and instant notifications. A mobile App is in the making will be released in the coming weeks.

The first competitive coding competitions include challenges from the Blockchain, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Gaming, Payments and Social Networks sectors.

More and more companies are leveraging coding competitions to address challenges and acquire top talent. These include global players like Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, IBM, Samsung, Uber, Dropbox, Bosch, Adobe, and many more.

For more information, please visit: https://rackathon.io/

The {r}ackathon Press Kit is here.

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