Raz-Lee Security Announces Anti-Ransomware for IBM i series

Raz-Lee Security Inc, proudly announces the release of Security Suite Products for IBM i servers(as400).

Anti-Ransomware, the first component of iSecurity ATP – a comprehensive advanced threat protection solution for defending IBM i IFS files against ransomware and other kinds of malware that may change and/or harm IBM i IFS files.

Ransomware and other similar malware have become a major risk to businesses worldwide. It encrypts data files, making them unusable until a sum of money is paid. Even when payment is made, there is no guarantee a proper decryption key will be provided. Ransomware attacks any file it can access including connected devices, mapped network drivers, shared local networks, and cloud storage services that are mapped to the infected computer. Ransomware doesn’t discriminate. It encrypts every data file that it has access to, including the IFS files, leaving organizations feeling paralyzed, exposed and without many options.

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Razlee’s Security Products for IBM i:

  • Firewall – Intrusion Prevention System for IBM i
  • Anti-Ransomware – Advanced Ransomware Threat Protection for IFS
  • Anti-Virus – Complete Virus Protection for IBM i Servers
  • SIEM/DAM Support – Integrating IBM i Security Events with SIEM/DAM
  • Auditing – Complete Auditing Solutions for IBM i Servers

Raz-Lee is committed to providing security solutions that protect IBM i shops from cyber threats. We are very happy to offer our valuable customers protection for their IBM i against the increase in using malware as a means to extort money,” says Shmuel Zailer, CEO, Raz-Lee Security.

Raz-Lee Security’s iSecurity ATP is a unique solution that protects IBM i servers from malicious cyber attacks. The Anti-Ransomware module quickly detects high volume cyber threats deployed from an external source, isolates the threat, and prevents it from damaging valuable data that is stored on the IBM i while preserving performance.

Anti-Ransomware is designed to protect the system quickly and efficiently from known and unknown threats as soon as the malicious activity is diagnosed, prior to the demand for a ransom. It suspends the attack, disconnects the intruder, and sends real-time alerts to SIEM as well as the offending computer. It classifies the dangers and determines the appropriate way to neutralize the problem based on the existing situation and the customer’s preferences. Anti-Ransomware is updated every couple of hours with the most current ransomware definitions. The modules included in the launch of iSecurity ATP identify ransomware and similar malware activity in real-time and take the necessary measures to stop and report it.

Raz-Lee’s Anti-Ransomware Key features:

  • Real-time scanning for known and unknown ransomware threats.
  • Blocks and disconnects the intruder.
  • Instantaneously sends alerts to SIEM as well as the offending computer.
  • Classification of the attack based on the log.
  • Automatic updates with the most current ransomware definitions.

Raz-Lee’s Firewall Key features:

  • Protects all communication protocols (SQL, ODBC, FTP, Telnet, SSH, Pass-through, etc.)
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) with real-time detection of access attempts
  • Deep analysis of each attempt
  • Powerful report generator and scheduler
  • Precisely controls what users may perform after access is granted – unlike standard firewall products
  • Protects both native and IFS objects – all of your databases are secured
  • Top-down network access rules design uses the Best-Fit algorithm to determine the most suitable rule for any security event
  • Includes simple wizards to build rule definitions based on actual network access events
  • Robust log functions as a table with the ability to filter, sort, organize and present data
  • Port blocking capability

Raz-Lee’s Anti-Virus Key features:

  • Provides full protection against standard PC types of viruses for files and programs used or stored on the IBM i server
  • Scans e-mail attachments when the iSeries is used as a mail server
  • Scans for potentially malicious iSeries code
  • Real-time virus alerts
  • Real-time anti-virus monitoring of files
  • Tags infected files in order to prevent them from being used inadvertently
  • Marks clean files in order to prevent re-checks
  • Removes marks/tags if files are changed
  • Scans entire libraries
  • Supports automatic, pre-scheduled periodic scans
  • Automatic virus signature update via the internet
  • Proactive virus signature updates via the network for internet isolated servers
  • Supports PASE which is more than twice as fast when scanning
  • Check specific directories only
  • Meets regulatory compliance requirements

Raz-Lee’s Anti-Ransomware has been thoroughly tested to ensure its effectiveness and is now available and can be purchased from one of our certified business partners.

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