Re-imagining high heels for the future : Interchangeable Heels

Mestrae Interchangeable Heels, an innovative footwear brand, is seeking to disrupt how we think about fashion and comfort. Phrases like “slave to fashion” or “beauty is pain” reinforce the idea that it has to be one or the other, style or comfort. At Mestrae we say it can be both, you can be fashionable and comfortable in your own shoes.

The mechanism behind our technology is simple. You slide in the button, remove the heels and replace it with flats covers or any other heel shape or design that you desire.

“When people ask me what led me to this idea, the reason was simple, it was a pain! It is my aspiration to revolutionize the footwear industry where women no longer have to succumb to the ideology of ‘Beauty is Pain’, where women no longer have to hide a pair of spare shoes in their bags, and where women are empowered to wear the type of heels they desire, at any given time” – Pam, CEO & Founder

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Mestrae combines engineering, fashion design, meticulous technique, and attention to extraordinary features in its collections of shoes and boots. Sophisticated and robust technology tested by Satra, an independent research and testing organization established in the UK in 1919, is brought to life by artisan shoemakers from Malaysia who make these shoes. Substantial and significant thought goes into the design behind each pair of Mestrae Heels. The shoe line takes into consideration seasonal changes, color trends, and mood boards. Mestrae Heels come in both vegan and leather collections depending on the preference of the purchaser.

Mestrae believes in customers-first, quality, and empowerment. The growth of Mestrae started by following data analysis, continuous improvement of technology, understanding customer feedback and expanding its collections to cater to a broader audience.

Mestrae is expanding into the United States and the European market. Mestrae’s prime consumers are mostly women who are on the go, and who do not want to compromise on style.

Mestrae recently introduced boots that can convert from high heels to flats in its recently launched Kickstarter Campaign that within a day reached 25% of its goals.

To learn more about our shoes:

General contact : info | Instagram @mestrae | Facebook /Mestrae | Twitter : @mestraeshoes

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