ReachOut Suite Introduces New Features and Extends Service Support for More Industry Verticals

ReachOut Suite, the leading field service management software from Fingent, has introduced a series of new features and broadened its support to serve more industries, especially those like appliance repair, fire & safety, window & door cleaning, alarm & security, and general installation services.

This new release brings an overall update to improve the platform’s functionality letting firms increase the efficiency of their service activities, optimize process workflows, and manage the workforce in real-time.

As an advanced Field Service Management (FSM) software solution, ReachOut Suite offers sophisticated capabilities to improve scheduling and dispatching, to allow service managers to organize and customize every aspect of their process, and to guide their personnel throughout their day without an onerous bookkeeping burden.

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ReachOut packs in advanced features that give added capabilities to its current tools and modules enabling service managers to supervise and review the workflows from the back-end, while also making it easy for the field techs to execute their work following specific guidelines using their smartphone or tablet.

ReachOut’s newly introduced feature sets unlock the true potential of the platform by bringing added customization options into all its key modules. The newly added features in ReachOut include:

  • Advanced User-Level Permission for Customers, Invoices, and Quotations
  • Custom Digital Forms or Forms Marketplace
  • Survey Management
  • Menu Management
  • Parts Inventory

The inclusion of more industries further expands ReachOut’s flexibility as a comprehensive FSM suite. Each industry contains a different set of work processes, compliance practices, documentation, and other work requirements. The extended support offered in ReachOut helps service companies address all the challenges associated with each industry, thereby significantly raising efficiency, revenue and customer satisfaction.

“Each new feature provides managers and field personnel configurable options to view, manage and customize all the capabilities that are part of the regular field service offering. The rich extensibility is evidence of our platform’s evolution as a complete FSM solution tailored to the unique requirements of virtually any field service company.”

– Stephen Cummings, SVP, Fingent

About ReachOut Suite

ReachOut Suite is a cloud-based field service and work order management platform created and supported by Fingent, a leading enterprise software development company headquartered in New York. Fingent has emerged as a pioneer in crafting innovative software solutions for enterprises since its inception in 2003. It’s many and varied enterprise web and mobile solutions have been instrumental in helping companies both large and small to accelerate business processes and to achieve improved business outcomes.

ReachOut Suite is a comprehensive field service software solution built by Fingent to address the bottlenecks faced by service companies. ReachOut offers an array of tools to simplify how service managers process customer requests, dispatch technicians, create and send invoices or estimates, track work statuses, and more. Consisting of a web backend and mobile app, ReachOut enables remote operations management and improves collaboration between managers and technicians and better service delivery to customers.

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