RemedyX Announces New Crowdsourcing Platform for Non-Opioid Pain Remedies has launched the first-ever crowdsourcing platform to establish the world’s most comprehensive resource for non-opioid pain relief options.

“With the current crisis of opioid misuse, doctors are prescribing fewer opioids, and patients are shying away from them,” said Nicole Stagg, founder and publisher of RemedyX. “Problem is, finding other methods to relieve pain can be a daunting task. Once you get past the well-known therapies like acupuncture and yoga, public information is minimal at best – despite incredible advances in pain management, and more evidence for integrative pain care than ever before.”

“Working with the Academy of Integrative Pain Management, I learned that treating pain is deeply personalized and that being a proactive participant in self-management can make a huge difference in pain levels,” said Stagg. “I started wondering: If one wants to research methods of pain relief without opioids, where would one go to find out about all of the options that are available? I kept searching for a comprehensive resource – especially one that included the newest methods like virtual reality, wearables and apps – but couldn’t find any. So I decided to do something about it.”

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At first, she started indexing every option she could find — but quickly realized it was an impossible task due to its enormity. “Clearly one reason there has been no centralized repository for non-opioid options is that there are just so many – from new technologies and new products to ancient practices, and everything in between. It’s impossible for one source to keep up with,” said Stagg. “That’s when it hit me: Crowdsourcing this information with suggestions from the public at large would be our best way to maintain an up-to-date directory.”

Stagg is no stranger to pain – she suffers from chronic foot and back pain – or to launching digital content platforms. As one of the original pioneers of the digital world since the early 1990s, she has been the lead content strategist behind dozens of digital destinations including, and But it was her time at, where she was the Vice President of Health and Well-Being, that prompted her to call a former iVillage colleague, Greg Remillard.

“When Nicole called me about launching RemedyX, I jumped on it,” said Remillard, a digital business and technology expert. “Working together again, and on an initiative that would help millions of people fight pain without opioids, was a win-win for me.”

RemedyX’s mission is to establish a constantly updated, independent platform for discovering non-opioid pain remedies – with no barriers to information or conflicts of interest. That’s why it will rely primarily on micro-donations and non-endemic partnerships instead of traditional methods of advertising.

It’s also why the user experience is focused around crowdsourcing, social bookmarking and upvoting, similar to Reddit and StackOverflow. “Commenting functionality seemed outdated,” Remillard said. “Letting the community upvote is a more useful way to present so many options. Pain remedies with the most votes get prioritized, and rise to the top of the homepage.”

“I really want RemedyX to be as useful, and unbiased, as possible,” continued Stagg. “By letting the public at large suggest and vote on remedies that personally help them or those they care for, the collective wisdom of people with pain will shine through.” is still in beta mode, but it is launched and free to access. They are asking the public to help with their mission by suggesting articles and videos; products and services; news and research; and any resource that other people with pain may find helpful.

“By sharing what you do for pain, you’re helping other people make informed decisions for their personal pain management. The more of us who share what we do, the more likely we are to help others relieve pain, and the better this resource will be,” said Stagg.

In Phase 2.0, coming later in 2019, extensions to the RemedyX brand will be rolled out including RemedyXpo events in local communities and a print edition culled from the website.

About RemedyX is a free publication from Stagg Network, LLC. Its mission is to provide exponential options for non-opioid pain remedies primarily through crowdsourcing information from the public at large. For more information, visit

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