Rightangled Signs New Service Agreement with a Leading UK PMI Provider

Leading genetic testing solutions provider, Rightangled, aims to drive better healthcare delivery with recent service agreement with a leading UK PMI provider. Services will only be payable under certain medical conditions, patients will need to obtain a pre-authorization from the PMI provider.

Rightangled is a leading genetic testing company that is poised with changing the healthcare sector in England, with innovative technology-driven solutions. The primary goal of the company is to deliver cardiac genetic testing to patients and to doctors, connecting both sides through an innovative online platform. As part of Rightangled’s goals of ensuring better medical services delivery, the company recently entered into a service agreement with a leading UK PMI provider.

One of the major factors that determine the quality of medical service delivery is the quality of information in terms of accuracy and accessibility. Rightangled has positioned itself as a solutions provider, leveraging technology to ensure that different stakeholders in the industry, particularly patients and doctors, have access to accurate genetic and medical data as and when needed.

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The partnership reiterates Rightangled’s excellent service delivery, which has been highlighted by its recent successes – receiving its recognition by the Care Quality Commission “CQC” as a registered healthcare provider and expanding in the UK private healthcare market by offering its services and solutions to premium clinics in London as well as pharmacies, and occupational health screening programs.

More information about Rightangled and the innovative healthcare solutions provided by the company can be found on the website. The company is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

About Rightangled

Rightangled is a genetic testing company, backed and seed funded by NHS England through the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network. Established in 2015, the company has developed breakthrough DNA testing technology to determine how genetics play a role in predisposed heart conditions and determine how reactive patients are to treatment.

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