rightsignal partners with dadshed to provide UK consumers with connectivity information

With over 33% of consumers having connectivity issues at home*, the quest for a connected home has never had more focus! House movers, agents and developers are longing for this information,

Dadshed is integrating with rightsignal to provide mobile signal strength information and broadband connectivity options/costs to individual buildings, with a single click. Using a pop-up widget connected to the platform, the building’s community will be able to see both signal strength of any individual mobile network and fixed broadband options available. Whether it is fixed broadband or mobile contract that is of interest to the browser, a marketplace will provide unique curated offers for the tenant, agents, landlord or homeowner.

“This solves the problem of knowing in advance the signal strength of your office or home before signing up to a contract with a mobile provider, a particular problem outside conurbations. There’s no point buying an ultra-cheap mobile deal if the service quality is low. Whether you’re searching for the latest 5G phone or something more simple, rightsignal will give you the signal strength answers. In terms of new property developments, this also provides prospective homeowners and commercial space enquiries an understanding of the connectivity available before making a decision. It is the first time we are aware that a PropTech software platform provides this level of real-time connectivity information within an app or software platform. This complements the DadShed philosophy that simplifying property management can only be achieved by unifying building data and making places more intelligent ” confirms Russell Mills, Head of Partnerships at DadShed.

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rightsignal has been developed by veteran telecoms entrepreneurs Paul Doyle and Martyn Gould who were also featured on BBC2’s Dragons Den in 2019. Their API has been created to work with the DadShed platform though can be connected with other property systems for estate agents, property developers and the rightsignal team are also engaged in advanced conversations with the UK’s largest property search portals.

*Channel4 research, Supershoppers, May 19. Over a third of UK Consumers have issues with mobile signal strength at home. Over 25% of the complaints to Ofcom relate to poor connectivity on fixed or mobile telecoms services.

About DadShed

The DadShed platform is initially targeted at property developers, in effect digitising the homeowner manual that is usually printed out and handed over in a physical binder. The Rightsignal service and other workflow and process software providers will integrate into the building data being held on DadShed’s one login. DadShed has its roots in Manchester with the ambition to build a trusted B2B real estate technology platform with an interconnected property experts marketplace.


Russell Mills[email protected]
Head of Partnership at DadShed
+44(0)07716 081 606
+44 (0)161 533 0393

Martyn GouldFounder at rightsignal [email protected]

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