Ryan Martin to Lead Investigative Research & Business Intelligence for Renaissance Associates

Ryan Martin has joined Renaissance Associates, Ltd (Renaissance), a full-service investigation, forensic accounting, and digital forensics firm, as Senior Intelligence Analyst. In this role, Ryan will lead Renaissance’s existing Investigative Research and Business Intelligence function and embed sophisticated research and analysis and exhaustive investigative due diligence techniques into each of Renaissance Associates service offerings.

In his previous employment, Mr. Martin conducted thousands of top secret, sensitive and specialized investigations for US Government organizations and commercial businesses as a consultant employed by leading, global professional services organizations, including Deloitte Consulting’s Business Intelligence Services. Ryan’s experience and investigative acumen were gained through practical experience conducting extensive, real-time due diligence to identify potentially adverse information or associations that posed potential risks to US government personnel and programs, as well as the public-at-large. Additionally, Mr. Martin has collaborated with forensic accounting professionals and applied acutely-focused intelligence to identify and bring sanctions to terrorist-sponsored narcotics and money laundering operations. Ryan has leveraged his expertise in background searches, identity authentication, and counterintelligence practices to verify relationships between governments, commercial enterprises and adverse actors for potential threats to government and business entities and personnel.

“Ryan’s experience and expertise applying advanced investigative intelligence methods gained through some of the most sensitive government work is an exceptional complement to Renaissance’s services,” remarked Kevin Barrows, Managing Partner of Renaissance. “He is a dedicated professional who has worked tirelessly to assist our government in keeping us safe from all manner of threats. Now he’ll apply that same immutable fact-finding and actionable intelligence to assist our private clients.”

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Throughout his career, Ryan has sought to elevate the standards of the industry and has conducted numerous training sessions on the basics of due diligence methodologies, intricate search techniques of key public records and commercial databases and has peer-reviewed and verified hundreds of due diligence reports for junior analysts and colleagues.

“Ryan’s ability to seamlessly apply his unique government expertise and sophisticated investigative methods to definitively uncover misleading information, covert relationships and bad actors will provide Renaissance an edge in protecting our clients from surprises that could disrupt their growth opportunities,” stated Kevin Beirne, Partner, and leader of Renaissance’s Forensic Accounting practice.

Ryan holds a Master of Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Security and Intelligence Studies and an undergraduate degree from Colgate University where he majored in Peace and Conflict Studies and minored in Middle Eastern and Islamic Civilization Studies.

About Renaissance Associates, Ltd.

Renaissance Associates, Ltd. is a specialized investigation and advisory firm led by highly experienced former Federal Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and forensic accountants from international accounting firms. The firm provides comprehensive services to corporations, leading law firms and government agencies by applying years of field-proven investigative skills, forensic accounting and financial analysis services, and digital forensics expertise in the areas of corporate fraud, intellectual property theft, data breaches, cyber-crime, financial fraud, contractual compliance, due diligence, background investigations, network security, dispute advisory, expert witness and, monitorship services. For more information go to http://www.renusa.com.

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