SAFETRIP Scheduled to Launch $50 Million Round of Funding

Atlanta-based rideshare newcomer, SAFETRIP continues its’ fast-paced momentum with a $50M grassroots funding initiative and recruitment of a community-basedworkforce. Both efforts will embody a ‘for us, by us’ business model, with contributions accepted via traditional monetary investments and through sweat equity.

Ja’Nese Jean, CEO, founder, and developer of SAFETRIP, summarized her strategic vision, stating “Our goal is to create a bridge between an underserved demographic as it relates to ownership and influence in a mainstream thriving industry”.

500,000 shares of common and preferred stock will be released during the 4th quarter of 2018, allowing working class citizens to realize ownership in the multi-billion dollar ridesharing industry. The capital raised will fund SAFETRIP’s technology expansion to include general ridesharing and an aviation component. The patented healthcare on-demand transportation system will be the flagship division of the organization. By creating joint ventures with other rideshare and logistic start-ups, other divisions will feature student-focused rideshare and bike share services.

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The company’s employment strategy is anchored by a community-sourced operation from the C-suite to the driver partners. The corporate structure will include a 100-member Board of Directors and executive level positions.


SAFETRIP is the world’s first healthcare rideshare app whose mission emphasizes making transportation affordable and accessible. SAFETRIP, which launched operations in January 2018, will remain a privately held corporation. The SAFETRIP User and Driver applications are available on Google Play and Apple App Store. Follow SAFETRIP via social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

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