Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and DatumCon, sign deal to offer AI Drone powered solutions in KSA

STC SPECIALIZED identified the need to join hands with DatumCon to develop and build a custom solution to respond to the growing demand for drone and video analytics in the Saudi Arabia region and the GCC region.

Following their active and successful collaboration, the partnership will position STC SPECIALIZED as a leading ICT player in the drone, data science, and video analytics market by deploying DatumCon’s video analytics solutions (Insight- AI) in Saudi Arabia.

Companies in the Kingdom are increasingly demanding comprehensive solutions to solve their complex business problems through innovation and technology, and drone powered services, combined with AI have proved to be a powerful solution. AI and computer vision systems coupled with Drone Powered Solutions enable timely and precise responses to face different kinds of challenges and to deliver actionable intelligence for companies.

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Drone powered services have been used around the world to successfully address surveillance activities, operations monitoring, safety supervision, and security tasks were video analytics are fundamental, response time is important and real-time insights are critical. In this way, computer vision solutions can boost drastically the business units capabilities, and generate significant impact in processes optimization, as well as develop a completely new approach to solve problems and handle situations.

Additionally, the partnership will stimulate the joint investigation of new technologies to set up remote autonomous control systems for large drone fleets, through the deployment of secure private networks, controlled by clients, to shield the whole drone operation, and the data captured and processed as a valuable company asset. In the same direction, Datum Consultants has been developing an autonomous drone UTM (Universal Traffic Manager) protocol to boost drone fleet operations and provide an additional security layer to the customers.

Waleed Mutter, CEO at STC Specialized, Riyadh said, “STC SPECIALIZED is pursuing to become the leading integrated drone powered services provider in KSA and transforming our offering for businesses and government institutions. As part of this, we are working with technology leaders like DatumCon to bring the latest and most innovative solutions to Saudi Arabia”. “Drones are becoming increasingly important for companies as they look to hone their competitive edge, and the computer vision solution powered by AI provides the most flexible, comprehensive, and secure option for companies today.”

DatumCon founder and chief executive officer, Cesar Lopez, said: “We are pleased to partner with STC SPECIALIZED in providing Datum’s proven Insight-AI as one of their most advanced solutions data-oriented solution for enterprise customers. As the world enters a new era of analytics-centric computing, this alliance will empower customers to extract from Drone data the most value, while simultaneously maintaining data custody, integrity and security.”

With DatumCon’s data-oriented approach, drone-powered services become a fundamental asset that enables customers to have the capacity to deploy, perform and control autonomous drone fleets, and obtain real-time video analytics and insights while maintaining custody, confidentiality, and control over its own data.

STCSC said its drone-powered solutions are the first-of-its-kind to be fully-retained and located in Saudi Arabia, reassuring customers that their data remains in-country and, in some applications, secured on the customer’s premises.

Many leading entities already use drones to outperform their peers, but few combine it with real-time computer vision solutions. In many industries, established competitors and new entrants alike leverage drone operations to innovate, compete, and capture value, STC SPECIALIZED said.

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