Second prize for Excellence in ELCINA defEnnovation Awards 2019

Award – Second prize for Excellence in ELCINA defEnnovation Awards 2019

Category – Excellence In Manufacturing – Component (MSME)

Date – July 30 2019

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Venue – Bangalore

This award is in recognition of the company’s indigenous efforts in the Defence and Strategic electronics domain. KWK Resistors India is a pioneer in the defense sector and offers a wide range of resistive components for Defence and Aerospace applications. These components are deployed in extremely demanding environments with very high safety and reliability standards.

"We are honored with this award and recognition. I would like to thank the entire team at KWK, our valued customers and everyone involved in making KWK a success” is what Mr Avinash Koorgailu, Director Operations had to say on winning this award.

Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA) is the oldest and largest Association for Electronics Hardware Manufacturing sector, established in 1967. Every year, through the defEnnovation Awards, ELCINA aims to recognize outstanding companies which have made an exemplary contribution in the field of Defence Electronics (R&D, Design, and Manufacturing) demonstrating an innovative approach and excellence.

About the company – KWK Resistors India is in the business of design and manufacturing of a wide variety of resistors. These resistors find application in diverse domains such as elevators and cranes, healthcare, lighting and automotive in addition to usage in the defence sector. KWK Resistors India Private Limited is a Joint Venture between three leading Power Resistor manufacturers – K S Instruments Pvt Ltd India, Krah Group Germany, and Widap Switzerland. The company offers customized solutions to cater to the specialized needs of our clients. The solutions cover a broad spectrum of resistive requirements from a fraction of a watt to hundreds of kilowatts; from SMDs to Wire wounds, Punched Grids, Metal Clad resistors.

About our Defence applications – KWK Resistors India has been a trusted partner of India’s biggest defence equipment designers and manufacturers, making a significant contribution to the ‘Make In India’ initiative. The company has built its in-house design and manufacturing expertise over the years. The company’s products are approved by LCSO (Electronic Components Standards Organisation) from the Ministry of Defence, Government of India. We have also been supplying resistive components for commercial aerospace equipment successfully for several years now.

About the ELCINA award – ELCINA, an association that approaches its 50th year since inception, launched the Strategic Electronics Summit (SES) in 2010. Over the years, the annual event held in Bangalore has become a hub for defence R&D and manufacturing companies to come together. Different stakeholders such as the government, defence organizations, private and public sector participation in this summit. As part of this initiative, the defEnnovation Awards were instituted to recognize and reward companies which excel in the field of Defence and Aerospace Electronics and contribute to the defence security of the nation. The Awards are given in two categories based on the size of the company – MSME (Sales Turnover < Rs 250 Crore) and Large (Sales Turnover > Rs 250 Crore). The award categories include excellence in R&D, Excellence in Indigenization, Excellence in Manufacturing – Component and Excellence in Manufacturing – Product.

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