Seldon Launches New Commercial Kubernetes Application on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Seldon, a machine learning deployment platform, today announced it is introducing a commercial Kubernetes application to all users of the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace (GCP Marketplace). The new offering will provide customers with Seldon Core, an open-source platform that makes it easier and faster to deploy machine learning models and experiments at scale. For the first time ever, commercial Kubernetes applications are available to deploy with one click to Google Kubernetes Engine with a usage-based pricing model. Commercial Kubernetes applications can be deployed on-premise or even on other public clouds through the GCP Marketplace.

GCP Marketplace is based on a multi-cloud and hybrid-first philosophy, focused on giving Google Cloud partners and enterprise customers flexibility without lock-in. It also helps customers innovate by easily adopting new technologies from ISV partners, such as commercial Kubernetes applications, and allows companies to oversee the full lifecycle of a solution, from discovery through management.

Seldon Core uses containers and microservices to serve models built in any open-source or commercial model building framework. It leverages powerful Kubernetes features like custom resource definitions to define and manage model graphs, which can contain one or more models as well as A/B Tests, ensembles, and feature transformations. Seldon Core is also a model serving component in Kubeflow, a new open-source project from Google Cloud in collaboration some of the world’s biggest technology companies.

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“Google Cloud is building a strong ecosystem around machine learning and serverless technologies. Their approach to partnership and collaboration with startups in the AI and DevOps space will serve to grow the industry as a whole,” said Alex Housley, CEO of Seldon. “We’re thrilled to be a launch partner for the GCP Marketplace, which provides an compelling new distribution channel for both our open-source platform and future commercial products.”

"To remain competitive and deliver on user demands, organizations adopting cloud need ready access to trusted, tested and portable applications that can run across their entire infrastructure. At Google Cloud we strive to make it as easy as possible for customers of all sizes to deploy, purchase and manage leading solutions in the cloud," said Jennifer Lin, Director of Product Management Google Cloud. "The availability of commercial Kubernetes applications from providers like Seldon is a critical part of extending enterprise investments and can simplify adoption of container-based infrastructure no matter what environment they operate in, either on-premise or in the public cloud.”

Visit Seldon Core on the GCP Marketplace to provision your own model serving cluster in a few clicks. Seldon Core is also available on Github with full documentation to install it on any cloud, on premises, or on your own workstation. You can connect with the Seldon community on Slack. If you’re in London, we would love to see you at TensorFlow London.

About Seldon

Seldon enables organisations to deploy machine learning predictive models faster and solve their most important challenges at scale – e.g. high-frequency trading, fraud detection and credit risk. Its enterprise-grade platform works seamlessly with the tools that data science teams already use to help them move from small-scale R&D to large-scale production with new capabilities around infrastructure, collaboration and compliance. Its rapidly growing open-source community includes thousands of AI practitioners across over 90 countries; and contributors, customers and partners include some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies in financial services and technology sectors.

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Inga Veidmane-Millere, Operations Manager: hello

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