SGDCC organized the ‘2019 Asia Summit on BAR Ecological System’ in Singapore

The ‘2019 Asia Summit on Balance Accounted Receipt (BAR) Ecological System’ organized by the Singapore Digital Chamber of Commerce Foundation (SGDCC) was successfully held at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel in Singapore at 14:00 on 8 March 2019. The Summit is aimed at propagating the BAR Ecological System as the integral part of SGDCC’s initiatives to jointly harness the potential of blockchain with industry leaders and savvy investors in the digital economy era.

The Summit attracted the participation of 280 top blockchain investors around the world, and the glittering gala dinner was attended by 600 guests, including the SGDCC chairman Roger Wong, as well as the SGDCC board of advisors and committee members who are the leading industry leaders in the digital economy:

  • Joseph Kwok – CEO, Soochow Securities CSSD
  • Steve Harbick – Vice President, LAZADA
  • Victor Teo – CEO, STOUT Bluepeak Asia
  • Dr Lilian Koh – CEO, Singapore Fintech Academy
  • John Lee – Senior Partner, Donaldson and Burkinshaw
  • Chan Chee Sing – Executive Director, Sakae Fintech
  • Lim Hui Jie – CEO, ITF Corporation
  • Glenn Lim – Managing Director, CEO ASIA
  • Esther Wee – IP Counsel, Eversheds Harry Elias
  • Evan Yah – Vice President, Bank of China

The New Era of Big Data Revolution

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The main project of the SGDCC is the epoch-making blockchain technology solution, namely Balance Accounted Receipt (BAR). The BAR Ecological System is a decentralized solution to promote third-party development and management of a decentralized ecosystem to create sustainable technology solutions. The BAR blockchain serves the on-chain community and transactions on the chain, aiming to build a value network of community and transactional data.

Positioning as an advanced blockchain for the future, the BAR ecosystem has the performance advantage of graphene underlying architecture based on Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, leading to the new era of Big Data Revolution. In addition, the market advantage of BAR is using an international new standard of Security Token Offerings (STOs) as its base. The STOs model regulated by Singapore and Holland Government uses share as a security so that a shareholder’s interest is safeguarded.

The Debut of BAR Ecological System

At the Summit, Roger Wong introduced the BAR Ecological System to the blockchain industry leaders and global investors. The BAR ecosystem developed by SGDCC is an open source distributed blockchain system that supports decentralized community, applications and transaction solutions. The interoperability between these three decentralized solutions and an online incubator is able to generate a real value of the digital assets.

The BAR Ecological System consists of four systems: Chain Bar – a decentralized social communication app; EZB (EaZyBuy) – a distributed digital asset trading platform; GOCAN – Global Open Association Network and DAPP – a global decentralized symbiosis platform.

The ‘2019 Asia Summit on BAR Ecological System’ succeeded in drawing a keen interest among the key players of the blockchain industry. The networking session took place at the end of the Summit providing a platform for all the attendees – blockchain practitioners and representatives of major investment banks – to exchange views and insightful thoughts on the development prospects of the blockchain industry. Concurrently, the participants made contact with many like-minded counterparts, drawing to a fruitful close of the Summit.

For further information about the BAR Ecological System, please visit the official website:

About the Singapore Digital Chamber of Commerce Foundation (SGDCC)

The SGDCC was established to represent the business community in the digital era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) by focusing on blockchain, eCommerce and Smart Tech. The SGDCC envisions to support and champion enterprises that have a presence in Singapore to create value and positive impact in the digital economy across the globe. The SGDCC works relentlessly to connect enterprises with policymakers and communities through a shared platform for technological innovations. The strategic partners of the SGDCC include Spectrum International, Fintech Academy (FTA) in Singapore and Malaysia Digital Chamber of Commerce (MDCC).

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