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Social Networking Company Introduces A New Networking App Called IICE BREAKERS.

U.S. based social networking site has launched an exciting new app called IICE BREAKERS. The app allows users to introduce themselves to the persons of interest that are subscribed to the app and within the vicinity. Users can search and find people with similar interests before approaching them.

With so many social networking and dating apps out there, deciding which one to use can be a challenge. So, what differentiates IICE BREAKERS from others? According to a Senior Technical Staff for the networking site, "the app saves you time and the discouragement of a person not being interested in you. Once you open the app, it shows users that are nearby. The user will start by selecting their location upon which the app displays a list of other users based on the selected location. If you see a person you are interested in, you can connect with the person by simply breaking the iice. If the person replies, you have successfully started networking."

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IICE BREAKERS requires no social skills to get started. It comes with conversation template design and easy content management. It uses a real-time content update, meaning users can see live update at any time from all users in the selected location. To get started, a user simply sets up a profile on the app, and connect with another person of interest. Preselected messages are available for the user to start a conversation with the person of interest.

The IICE BREAKERS app is free to download in the app store and google play store. There are no fake profiles on the app and users must authenticate as being a real person. The company hopes that this new app will allow people to easily start a conversation with a person of interest without feeling uncomfortable.

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