SIER Capital Makes Equity Investment into Alternative Asset Management Company

SIER Capital is pleased to announce its recent equity investment into Thor Analytics (“Thor”). The company controls one of the most unique technology platforms for enhancing productivity in the alternative investment arena. With a unique algorithm and data filtering process, Thor is bringing a different perspective around productivity over traditional alternative investment managers. Thor Analytics is based outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

“I’ve spent the last two years looking for a true differentiator in the alternatives space, and I finally found it at Thor Analytics,” stated Kevin Ramsier, SIER Capital’s CEO. “We were looking to compliment the success of Exact Strategies, one of our other companies,” said Ramsier. “Exact Strategies has done a great job of using technology to manage traditional assets, and now Thor Analytics will help us add tremendous value on the alternatives side.”

Brad Roth, the CIO of Thor, said, “The technology here is what separates us from other alternative asset management firms. It gives us a competitive advantage, including the ability to build custom portfolios for our best clients. We can use the technology in nearly every futures market including energy, metals, commodities, currencies, agriculture, cryptos and treasuries. It is an exciting time for us here right now.”

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About Thor Analytics (

With a proprietary technology platform, Thor Analytics has revolutionized how institutional investors are getting productivity out of their alternative investments. Using technology that generates pricing signals from the alternatives markets, Thor Analytics is able to focus on the strongest signals that are driving asset prices. This process eliminates emotional reactions and guesswork while allowing our portfolios to react in real-time to changing market conditions. For more information, and for a demo of our technology, please visit

About SIER Capital (

SIER Capital partners with proven management teams in an entrepreneurial capacity to acquire and operate businesses through rapid growth. We are experienced business operators, committed to drive growth and value in our portfolio companies. We typically make initial investments into companies with revenues between $10 to $100 million that have a history of positive cash flow.

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