SixDe – What it Brings to Nexxis

Nexxis Limited’s acquisition of Groves Manufacturing & Tooling (GMT) is already producing benefits for both companies. SixDe, the newly named subsidiary of Perth’s Nexxis, continues to provide the products offered by GMT while expanding into R & D on advanced manufacturing, automation and robotics to assist industries across Australia and worldwide.

With the creation of SixDe in January, this year came a range of new design and manufacturing services for the engineering, machining, fabrication and mechanical assembly industries designed to support growing and evolving industries including mining, oil & gas, metal fabrication and production.

While SixDe retained the GMT team, including founder Stephen Groves, who came on board as the Technical Design Consultant, the team has also gained a number of R & D specialists to help the company expand their services further.

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SixDe offers a range of design and manufacturing services including precision machining used to produce items used in day to day life, CNC machining producing items that are almost impossible to achieve with manual machining, metal pressing tools and polyurethane moulds for custom moulded projects.

SixDe’s close ties with its Perth-based parent company, Nexxis, enable the new owners to deliver expanded capabilities in advanced robotics underpinned by global quality assurance standards. Nexxis is currently undergoing ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

These products work hand in hand with the range of quality technical equipment already provided by Nexxis to the machining and manufacturing industry. With products to suit a variety of industries including mining, metal formwork, and small and large manufacturing jobs, SixDe brings that extra level of service to the Nexxis brand.

SixDe also offers a comprehensive maintenance and repair service. Depending on requirements, the team can either complete the job on-site or at their fully equipped workshop facility. “Our maintenance technicians have extensive experience with a wide variety of metal manufacturing machines and equipment as well as with the machines we design and manufacture in-house,” said Jason Silveira, MD of Nexxis.

With the new injection of expertise and resources, SixDe will be one of only two companies in WA capable of designing and building production-orientated equipment and roll-forming machines

SixDe also brings with it GMT’s strong attention to detail, first class customer service and quality precision-manufactured parts and machines. Working in combination with the Nexxis team, SixDe aims to build on that already strong foundation.

“Expanding machining capabilities and technical expertise at SixDe will benefit its own clients, as well as enabling Nexxis to offer a more diverse range of services to our customers in industries such as mining, oil & gas, construction and fabrication”, Mr Silveria continued.

“Clients at SixDe and Nexxis are already seeing the benefits from the acquisition of GMT, and as further technologies are developed and made available, we expect to see our clients developing new products and services in their own industries.”

For further information, please contact SixDe on 08 9434 1112 or visit

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