Skillathon’s Movememt Against Unemployment

Did you know that China is working towards becoming the world’s AI superpower by the year 2030? With the kind of news that is going viral, this aim does not seem far from turning into reality as it has already become the AI leader of the Asian continent. A recent report states that China has raised $4.9 billion Though India is closely following this artificial intelligence trend, it requires a high amplification of funds as well as resources.

Another study states that the contribution of the Indian workforce to the world’s artificial intelligence community is fairly minimal. In a community of 22,000 artificial intelligence researchers, the Indian count is 386. Looking at these statistics, in order for India to gain supremacy in this AI war is by first building a workforce who are qualified enough to work through and work with the big bucks that the Indian government is willing to allocate to this cause. To make an equal contribution in this cause of upliftment of India’s position of AI supremacy, Skillathon, the World’s First AI Education Accelerator, was established with an aim to build a skilled workforce in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Skillathon envisions to curb the prevailing skill shortfall in India through its unique approach to upskilling and also by promoting the “Education for All” phenomenon thus handing this opportunity to learn, upskill as well as be a part of the AI community to not one or two but every community through its “Zero Upfront Fee” approach. Through this initiative, Skillathon wishes to play a crucial role in helping India win its AI supremacy by the year 2030.

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