Snack Launches to Provide Training as a Service to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Snack Technologies today announced it launches first-of-its-kind, smart TaaS (Training-as-a-Service) to provide micro-learning for small and medium-sized businesses.

For decades, employee training has been an expensive and time-consuming task. In fact, getting employees involved and a limited budget is on top of the list of the biggest challenges for most Learning and Development(L&D) managers. Snack Team Training is about to change that. With AI and micro-learning technologies under the hood, Snack Technologies is the first smart TaaS company providing an all-in-one, engaging and affordable on-demand mobile-oriented training experience to businesses.

“We’re providing training programs that are easily digestible. All Snack Team Training programs are bite-sized,” stated Seth Wu, CEO of Snack Technologies. “By taking advantage of micro-learning in a mobile environment, we are able to provide employees and managers with the opportunity to learn at their own pace while maximizing comprehension rates. Similar to Netflix, Snack Team Training provides a variety of training programs from which to choose from with a subscription-based flat rate.”

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The process is simple:
– It takes no more than three minutes for an L&D manager to get started by signing-up a free trial account and assign a program to employees.
– Managers can easily preview any programs from an employee perspective to ensure that they align with the learning goals of the business before assigning the program.
– There is no download, installation, or even sign-in needed for employees to get started from their phone or computer as soon as they receive an email invite from their L&D manager; starting a program is just one click away.

As a bonus, even after completion of training programs, learning and performance improvement can continue as all of the content in the programs become part of an on-demand knowledge base for employees to refer back to whenever necessary.

Snack Team Training covers a variety of training programs such as onboarding, recruitments, and soft skills for both employees and managers. As an open platform, Snack Team Training also encourages training content providers to work with them and bring more value to small and middle-sized businesses together.

Those interested in learning more about Snack Team Training’s simple, smart, and on-demand team training can learn more at

About Snack Technologies

Snack Technologies is creating the very first smart TaaS (Training as a Service) company providing an all-in-one, affordable, flexible, and on-demand mobile-oriented training experience to businesses. Snack Team Training is an innovative micro-training service built around an employee’s learning cycle, designed to help companies to cultivate a stronger team faster and easier than ever before. Learn More About Snack Team Training

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