SOLAREUM September Sweepstakes Launches with $500,000 USDT Giveaway

Since announcing the release of the Marketplace, SOLAREUM is launching its “SOLAREUM September Sweepstakes”. Anyone who trades 50,000 SLRM throughout the month will automatically be entered to win a free solar system provided by one of its partners, America Green Solar and…… 500,000 DOLLARS worth of USDT (Tether). The Sweepstakes aims with its motto of #DoingWellByDoingGood by incentivizing its high volume traders with a well-deserved prize that will take place in conjunction with the launch of the Marketplace happening, Friday August 31st 2018 at 09:00 PM EST. SOLAREUM has reached the highest level of Eco-heights by its CEO wrapping up another stellar performance Moderating a second panel at the United Nations Youth Assembly On August 11th.

Justin Lally the CMO of SOLAREUM has said, “We are honored as a company to have such a platform to interact with future world leaders and differentiate how the SLRM token can be a method of transaction for renewable products worldwide.” One of the key facts of the SOLAREUM Marketplace being launched is that will only consist of eco-conscious items.” The Marketplace has been developed in a way to attract as many variations of audiences as possible, meaning that the products launched will appeal and contain something for everyone.”

For everyone wondering how they can participate in the “September SOLAREUM Sweepstakes” otherwise, SLRM is also offering anyone who holds 1,500 of its tokens to get its newly introduced Solar IPhone and Android cases.

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It seems this green token has caused quite a buzz and has garnered some attention since bursting on the scene in February of this year. In a short time it has been able to attract attention from future world leaders and goodwill ambassadors such as, JoJo Bell eyeing Cameroon’s Presidency. This could be further noted by its mission for upcoming solar projects in the island of Puerto Rico which is in the works. As the token transacts, you can’t help but not to love and cheer on this "feel good" story.

September is just the beginning for SOLAREUM as the company has yet to show the world its true capability of changing the Blockchain industry. Knowing how vital both sustainability and cryptocurrency are, SOLAREUM is focused on giving the public what it wants while giving the environment what it needs.

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